A romantic and intimate country house wedding in Wales

This wedding in the Welsh countryside was full of personal touches and planned meticulously, but it still seems effortless and relaxed, thanks to Heledd Robson’s light and airy photographs.

Samantha and Gary had their first conversation “over the water cooler” about the best cake in the world. Their choice of red velvet was a perfect match. But it also matched so many other aspects of their lives that they were married at the seaside, with their four-tiered cake. (They drove eight hours to get it!) They could match at the beach in front of their family and friends with their four-tiered red velvet cake (that they drove eight hours for!)

It’s hard to decide whether it’s more inconvenient to discuss how idyllic the country-house venue was or the cute little details that filled the room like the ones Gary always gave Samantha, pink roses contrasted with blues and grays in the seaside manor.

Her mother’s wedding gown inspired Samantha’s dress, while Gary’s followed Scottish tradition. Shoes and clutches had cute sayings, and guests were given hand-selected favors. Samantha tells us not to focus on the small details, and we ask – Samantha, will you be our wedding coordinator?

Our Love Story

Gary & I were introduced at work! Gary brought in some fantastic treats that I tried. We didn’t speak immediately, but Gary always brought in delicious home-baked goodies. It was delicious. I think it might have been a chocolate brownie. When I went to thank him for his creation, we discussed our favorite treats. We both agreed that the red velvet cake is the best. He made me red velvet ice cream with cream cheese frosting (!) For one of our dates, he made me a red velvet and cream cheese frosting ice cream (!) Guess the flavor of our wedding cake!

Gary & I started a yearly custom of ‘fake christmas’. This was usually a few days before Christmas, and we did it just the two of us before the actual day. We each give a Christmas gift and prepare a traditional meal.

Gary told me he would need time to prepare his fake Christmas present. I found a red ribbon wrapped around everything when I exited the bedroom. It led me to the front room, where I saw my favorite bouquet. The ribbon led me to the remote control. Gary made a video montage with some of our best moments over the years. It was set to “Latch” from Sam Smith. It was incredible. When the video finished, Gary got down on one knee. Gary proposed with a love heart ring but gave me a rose gold skull band made by The Great Frog. It’s still perfect with my wedding and engagement rings.

Dress & Attire

Gary is Scottish, so kilts needed to be worn. Gary chose the darker grey tweed, which matched perfectly with the rose gold wired white rose boutonniere.

It was Maggie Sottero. It was beautifully fitted and cinched in all the right spots. I felt like a king! Chambers Tailors in Wimbledon were terrific.

We chose a bolero because I wanted the sleeves to be longer, like my mother’s dress. I was in love with the lace details on the dress. Especially the party at the bottom. I wanted to contrast this vintage lace dress against my ivory Louboutin shoes, which I had bought before anything else. It was perfect.

I chose a Sophia Webster “Wifey for Lifey” clutch. The rose gold detailing was a fun touch that complemented my rings. Sophia Webster Jo Jo ivory satin pumps with ‘wifey-for-lifey’ written on the sole. Who needs only one pair of wedding heels? Last, I selected a sheer, long veil with tiny diamantes that gave off a beautiful, subtle glow in the sunlight. It was the perfect way to finish my look. Elegant, but still me.

Destination and Style

We wanted a place where our families could stay during the days leading up to and following the wedding. Also, we wanted somewhere that would allow us to hold the ceremony and reception at the exact location. Poppy, my parents’ dog, was also critical.

Mynydd Ednyfed Country House is an 18th-century home in Criccieth, a charming seaside town. This venue captured the romantic, relaxed, and personal vibe we sought. We wanted rose gold to match our wedding and engagement rings. We wanted blush and hot pink, which was achieved with the roses. These are my favorite flowers that Gary has given me each year since our engagement.

We wanted to keep things simple and personal without getting bogged down in small details. We wanted to make sure that our guests had a wonderful time, and we also wanted them to have ten amazing days at this location. Our families can relax, spend time together, and do what they want.

Favorite moments

It wasn’t easy to choose because the day was perfect. The day didn’t seem to pass quickly, and I remember everything.

It was fun getting ready. There was a time in the morning when I was alone with my hairstylist, Kasia, and we were both sitting in a chair looking out my bedroom window. Kasia was prepping my hair. It was a very calm moment. I felt like, ‘I am getting married today. This is going to happen.

Gary and I took photos on the beach with Heledd. I’m so grateful that we decided to go away for a bit of the day. These photos are unique, and spending time with each other was beautiful.

The Favors

For the ladies, glass bottles of Hendricks mini-gin with rose lemonade. For the men, we got them glass bottles of Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels. We also bought everyone a white chocolate love heart chocolate lollipop that said ‘S&G Just Married.’ Delicious!

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