Colorful Hawaiian Wedding with a Traditional Ceremony

It was a pleasure to create today’s wedding post. It is stylish, beautiful, romantic, and unique.

Kyra and Kale, two Hawaiian dancers, were married on Maui in an intimate ceremony by the hills with a colorful reception at the beach.

We love learning about wedding traditions and cultures around the globe, so it’s a real treat to be able to share with you their Hawaiian Celebration.

Maui Maka Photography captured the morning ceremonies, while Dmitri & Sandra recorded the evening celebrations.

Kyra & Kale enlisted the help of their friends and Maui’s best wedding vendors to create their perfect day. These included Bliss Wedding Design, Rio Event Design, and Maui Catering Services.

If you think that traditional weddings are boring, think again. They’re full of eclectic style, stunning florals, joy, romance, and personal touches.

Wedding Day Snapshot

Our Love Story

Ten years ago, we met on The Star Of Honolulu, a dinner cruise ship.

Kale proposed last year at the Maui Wedding Expo after I danced a Tahitian Otea in the main hall.

He asked me after the performance and had the ring on the pinky finger.

The Inspiration

We wanted an open, eclectic, and earthy look.

We tried to combine the colors and aesthetics of Morocco with inspirations from old Hawaii… it sounds a bit random, but it turned out beautiful.

The Ceremony

Each of our parents represents a different part. They represent earth, air, and water.

At the ceremony, Ron Kuala’au sang a song composed by Kaumakaiwa called Lani Kau Keha.

We made coconut cups with awa and gave them to our families.

Favorite Moments

Many magical moments occurred. The fact that most of our vendors were also friends was something that really stood out.

We felt like we were surrounded by friends who are also talented – the BLISS BOYS.

My favorite parts of the event were the ceremony and the first dance.

It was like a fantasy! It was a dream that required a lot of work from all involved.

We are grateful to everyone who attended and helped make it happen. We feel strongly that it is not about us alone but about everyone and everything that has helped our relationship grow.

We held our wedding to honor all the relationships that have meant so much to us and allowed us to get to this point.

My memories of our wedding are mainly of making gifts for people. It was a long process that took time and effort, but it made it a more than a day affair.


We enjoyed a mixture of home-made dishes and food provided by Maui Catering Services.

Tiff made sushi, which is one of our favorite foods at the reception!

We had a tasting of four flavors prepared by our friends. Each flavor represented the various experiences that a relationship can go through.


After our wedding, we went to Tahiti. We would recommend it to any couple.

The months before a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming. A honeymoon is the perfect way to relax and enjoy your partner after a large celebration.

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