Desert Nevada Destination Wedding: Urban meets Desert

Did you see the Vegas Neon Museum Elopement we posted last month? Elope Tahoe Photo Co. has shared yet another intimate wedding, “Nevada Desert Meets Urban.” We just had to share it!

Last month’s destination elopement in the Desert was more retro, thanks to the couple’s fashion business and the Neon Museum. This Nevada elopement has a lot of color & whimsy.

A painted desert hill, a blue wedding skirt, and even urban, artsy walls add to the eclectic beauty of this scene. Love bride Lucy’s eco-friendly dress? Gorgeous and colorful Bridal Separates are available with matching blue tulle skirts! You can also shop ASOS fun tulle skirts like Lucy.

Our Love Story

In 2016, we met at the University of Michigan. Nick was in his final year of Law School, and I was on an international semester study program at King’s College London. We were invited to a friend’s house for a party. We started talking…and that was all!

We were tired and stressed from being apart. We were able to see each other every few weeks because I was in university, training to become a teacher and later a teacher. We both agreed that we wanted to get married, and marrying would enable us to be together.

Dress & Attire

We knew we would have a large ceremony with our friends and family at a future date, so we didn’t want to spend too much on clothing. I wanted to spend as little as possible but still be eco-friendly. I decided a boho style would be perfect for me, our setting, and our relaxed day. So I went to ASOS for ideas and low prices! I found a skirt made of recycled bottles.

In 2016, I purchased my shoes at a Salvation Army store in Ann Arbor while studying abroad. I had never worn them! They fit perfectly with the skirt I bought in the UK!

Nick wears many suits at work, so he chose his favorite blue suit. The only new piece of clothing he bought was a tie. His mum in Italy purchased it during a vacation she took a month earlier. We also wanted to be comfortable, and we felt that we were.

The Ceremony

It was more emotional than I expected. Both of us were in tears. It was something special.

Favorite moments

The first time I saw Valley of Fire was a memorable moment. After driving about an hour from Vegas, you turn off the highway onto an unremarkable road. Once you reach the mountains, you will see a stunning valley of orange and red. While stopping for a bathroom break before taking the photos, we also saw a Mountain Sheep. That was pretty cool! He was enormous and willing to pose for a picture.

Couples Advice

Start by focusing on what you want to achieve from your day. We wanted to do something we wouldn’t do with our friends and family present, so we chose a stunning backdrop.

Researching your wedding photographer is very important. When I saw Danette’s photos on Instagram, I immediately knew she was it! Don’t cut corners on your photography. Your photos will be what you look back on when you are older! Instagram can be an excellent tool for photography.

Favorite moments

After we got married, it was beautiful to return to our hotel. With the remainder of our morning fizz, we ate the best vegan and vegetarian food. We then got ready to go into downtown Vegas in the evening. I still call Nick my husband, but it felt amazing to be married. It was even more remarkable that we could have a few drinks and laughs together before going out to celebrate. I was so happy that we could see each other at our wedding – too many couples seem to be busy with everyone else and not each other.

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