How to plan for great lighting on your wedding day

Light is the key to photography. All photographers “Paint with Light” because the word “Photography,” which is actually “Photograph” and “Graph,” is broken down to “Light” and “To Draw/Paint.”

The best UK wedding photographer will evaluate the lighting on your wedding day to ensure your photos are beautiful. The subject will be lit as best as possible to highlight how you feel or look.

You can help your photographer and yourself create the best wedding photos by planning. As a London & UK & Destination wedding photographer, I have compiled this list to help you get the best possible wedding photos.

This blog will not “ram you down your throat.” Here are some quick tips to help you take better pictures than possible.

Get Ready for Your Wedding Preparations

You may be surprised at how quickly you can prepare for your wedding. Being prepared is essential. The title of this article already explains it. When it comes to photography, light is necessary. To help your photographer take the best-looking photos possible. While getting ready, using as much natural lighting as possible is best. Find a window that lets in natural light to apply your makeup. You can place your dress in a location with natural light through a window or doorway. This photo was taken at Primrose Farm in the Cotswolds.

Try to choose the room that allows the most natural light. When you visit a potential wedding venue, please take note of its size and shape, as well as the location of the windows. Large light walls will also illuminate the room and give your photographer a larger canvas.

If you don’t think your home, hotel, or venue is the ideal location for bridal prep, and you want your getting-ready shots to be stunning, then consider renting a house from a friend or finding a rental property online. This relatively small cost can make a massive difference in the first few pages of your album.

Natural light is not always an option. In this case, the best option is to use only one type of light. Using tungsten, fluorescent, or candlelight in the same space will result in strange skin tones. Photographers call this mixed light, which can be very annoying for color. Talk to your wedding photographer about this before or on the big day.

If you don’t have the time to prepare, it’s okay. But if you do have the time, this can be very helpful. You can also ask your wedding photographer for help.

Wedding Ceremonies

Lighting is an essential aspect of a wedding ceremony. However, you will have little control over it. If there are some things you can change, then do it. You can ask your wedding coordinator what you can do to improve the lighting. Check the lighting conditions for your outdoor wedding ceremony. If the ceremony location is very dark, your photographer may use flash to add depth to your photos.

Choose a place that will not cause harsh shadows and squinting on your face if you’re having an outdoor ceremony. I could elaborate on the best options. There are too many variables to cover in one article. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, be sure to note this. Speak to your wedding planner or photographer. They will improve the quality of your wedding photos.

Sunset Photographs

Sunsets are beautiful! This is my favorite time to photograph couples. My past teams have booked me to be at their weddings and mentioned that they loved my work because of these images. The wedding schedule can disappoint those who want to have them. They don’t take into account the sunset times, etc. You could ask your coordinator or wedding photographer if they can help you arrange something. The weather in the UK can be unpredictable.

Wedding Reception

It is essential to discuss lighting with your photographer. Ask your DJ about the lighting that will be used. Consider where the key moments will occur, such as cake cutting or the first dance. Positioning these moments and the people who will be there, where there is plenty of light, can help. Please speak to your wedding planners, coordinators, and photographers about what they do for the best photography. It isn’t easy to give direct advice because every wedding is unique. It’s something you should consider for your wedding.

The Weather on Your Wedding Day

Stay calm if your day is overcast. This can create the perfect lighting. This makes soft, easy-to-work-with light. Even though I am a wedding destination photographer, I can work in beautiful locations; even when it’s not so lovely in the UK, I can still make the most of the light I am given. Even on a dull day, the best UK photographers are there to help.

If you hire a good wedding photographer and talk to them beforehand about your wedding venue’s lighting and space conditions, they’ll be able to create stunning wedding photos for you that you will cherish for many years. I hope you enjoyed this article on How to Plan for Great Light on Your Wedding Day.

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