How to reuse wedding items after the celebration

Your wedding was beautiful and unforgettable! After months of meticulous planning, you may wonder what to make of all the stuff left over after your wedding. How can you recycle your wedding decor after the event? Here are some ideas for how to reuse or upcycle your wedding decor.

Donate Flowers to Hospitals or Guests

Flowers are not perishable. You don’t have to throw them away! You can use your floral arrangements in many ways, such as gifting them to guests or staff. This is a thoughtful gesture that you can make to those who have helped make your wedding so special. You can also donate your flowers at a hospital, nursing home, or homeless shelter. You can find local charities that will assist you in this endeavor by searching Google for your area. If you donate or gift your stems, separate them from the vase or vessel if it belongs to the florist.

Reuse your wedding decorations at home

What can you do with your cocktail lounge’s pillows, blankets, and other décor? Reuse them, of course! They can be great accents in your home, depending on their style. You can match wedding items to your home decor and theme if you are worried they will not match. You can allow your wedding party first dibs on any item they choose.

Repurpose Stationery for DIY Projects

Stationery is used for many things on the wedding day, including menus, programs, and extra invitations. Then it’s left behind. If you’re a DIYer, these items can be transformed into wrapping paper, notebooks, or handmade greeting cards. Use the beautiful paper you’ve spent so much on to create keepsakes, gift cards, and other crafts for friends and family.

Donate extra food to those in need of a meal

Donating leftover food to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter is better than throwing it away. You can arrange to pick up any leftover food with your catering service or local organization. This is a great way to spread goodwill and avoid food waste.

Reuse lanterns on your patio

The lanterns can light up the wedding party and your patio, deck, or balcony. You can use your wedding lanterns at home to decorate the outdoor area. You can reuse your lanterns if you choose ones that match your home’s decor. What’s the best part? You will always remember your special day every time you light up the candles.

You can upcycle your dress or donate it to a bride in need

You’re wedding dress may be stunning, but will you ever wear it again? You probably won’t, but for the price you paid, it is worth it! Turning your gown into something you can wear repeatedly is a great idea. You can have it dyed differently and tailored to wear as an evening or cocktail dress. You could also use the different sections of the dress to make First Communion or baptism dresses for your children. You can donate it to charity, so brides with impoverished backgrounds will have beautiful wedding dresses on their big day.

After your big day, you can use almost anything from your wedding.

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