How to Write a Wedding Reception-Only Invitation

Choosing the right wording for wedding invitations, in general, can be challenging, but this can become even more complicated when you want to invite only people to a reception. It’s becoming more common to do this, particularly in light of the COVID-19 lockdowns that have caused weddings to be delayed or changed. We’ve compiled a guide to help you create a reception-only invitation. Take the question out and send your invitations to the world without stress!

Transparency is critical to your ceremony

You’ll first want to be clear about the ceremony on your invitation for a reception-only event, so there is clarity as to what part of your wedding your guests will attend. This can be done by including the information in the invitation. For example, you could say, “Jane will marry Joe privately on May 11, 2022.” Your guests will know this ceremony is private and occurs at a different time or date. Communication is crucial.

Make it clear it’s a celebration

The wording of a reception-only wedding invitation should include the phrase This is a celebration of. This implies that your wedding ceremony has already occurred by the time you are hosting this event. The invitation can be phrased as “Please join us at our reception to celebrate our recent union.” If you want to include your parents on the invitation, you can change it to “Together, with our families, we invite you to celebrate our recent marriage.” The wording “Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith invite you to their wedding reception to celebrate their daughter Jane Smith’s recent marriage to Jack Johnson.” is very clear.

Just Married is a term that can be used

Add “just married” as a clever and informative header to your invitation for a reception only. This will clarify that the event does not include a wedding ceremony. Use “just married” to create a clever and informative header for your invitation. Then, add, “Please join us at a reception celebrating the newlyweds’ union.”

Try Something Clever

You can play with the wording of your reception invitation to make it clever. You can give your guests an idea by referring to your reception as a “happily-ever-after party” or stating that it is “nothing fancy, just love.” You can also play off “I do” by putting “oh, yes, we did!” in the title. For a couple that loves adult beverages, you could use “wine and beers after the I-dos” for the reception-only invitation. These quirky, lighthearted phrases could convey a fun and playful vibe.

Announce your Elopement

You can indicate on your invitation that you are having a reception only if you have eloped. The words “we eloped!” are a great way to indicate that the event will not include a formal wedding ceremony.

Include a ceremony photo.

Include a picture of your official wedding ceremony in this invitation for the reception only if your ceremony has already taken place. It’s a great way to show guests what you did rather than telling them.

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Clarify the term “Reception”

As long as you use the word “reception” when you send out your invitation, you can let guests know you’re inviting them to a party, not a traditional wedding. Don’t worry about confusion. The phrase “invite to a wedding reception” is clear. You can also direct your guests to your wedding site on your invitation. This is the place where you can spell out everything.

This breakdown simplifies a task that, at first, may appear daunting. Inviting your guests only to your wedding reception is acceptable if it is communicated clearly.

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