Luxury White & Green London Wedding Ideas

Today, we’re sharing with you the luxury of English culture. We’re still hungover from Downton Abbey (did you catch this Lady Mary-inspired shoot? I’m still swooning over my swanky London trip last week.

The London designers and vendors who worked on this lavish-styled shoot put in extra effort to make it perfect. The editorial is a perfect example of the “extra.” From a six-tier floral-adorned wedding cake to six couture wedding dresses, it’s the epitome.

The lavish styling of the shoot is enough to make us swoon. But those tiny details you notice after scrolling through the images give the photos a modern edge. Take Luna Bea’s relaxed bride bridal accessories, for instance – they add a funky touch to otherwise romantic styling. We also spy some rock and roll tilly Thomas Lux earrings confirming this is London.

This London-styled shoot, photographed by Gianluca and Mary Adovasio with ideas from Tigerlily weddings, will impress.

Tigerlily Weddings

The shoot’s vision was to marry fashion and design with fine art direction that encompassed a contemporary narrative.

We wanted to incorporate fine art into the design and add elements that reflect the restraint and minimalism of modern minimalism. It was challenging to bring a modern London luxe feel to the fine arts scene, but also exciting to create and display something different.

The color palette we chose was primarily white, with touches of blush, garden green, and gold accents. I thought it was important that the overall feel was soft and seamlessly blended.

The Venue

I’ve always loved the ICA. We have viewed it with clients many times but never made a booking. When Gianluca contacted me, it was the first place I thought of.

The venue’s historical details, such as the Regency ceiling moldings, winding staircase with a skylight, and floor-to-ceiling windows that let light flood the forum, made it an ideal choice. The venue’s three balconies, which overlook St. James Parks, are also breathtaking.

Florals & Cake

The table was decorated with a rustic floral garland, and we installed a floral installation that featured three flower chandeliers cascading down from the ceiling. This gave the table a wonderful scent. The table design was meant to be magical and refined. We dressed our flamingo with feather grass and florals to show off the playful side of all of us.

Elizabeth created a magical wedding cake. I am in love with the floral art of Paula. The chandeliers were beyond my wildest dreams. The lilies on multi-tiers with cascading vines of wisteria made the cake utterly magic. Elizabeth’s attention to detail was to match the florals used on the dining table with sugarcraft that I had never seen before. The cake was exactly what we wanted, giving that organic, wild look with a slight overgrowth.

Dresses & Accessories

We wanted the bridal fashion looks we created for this shoot to be directional, blending style and accessory pieces that exuded chic and elegance. This was for the fashion-conscious and creative bride. I’m a big fan of the pared-back look, so I adore the stunning gowns with one statement accessory, pulled-back hairstyle, and makeup. I love the face of the Met Gala!

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