PicTrip can help you plan a unique proposal or engagement shoot

As you might know, this is your first (or second) time! If you’re a regular (or even a medium-time!) ).

We were thrilled to share the news about a new company that combined our favorite things.

Pictrip is a website where you can book a professional photographer to document your trip to any destination.

You can hire a photographer to capture your trip and create some beautiful memories, whether it is an engagement shoot or a surprise proposal.

There are many options when it comes to a romantic engagement shoot or proposal. These include New York, Paris, and London, as well as globetrotter favorites like Melbourne, Barcelona, and Lake Como.

Emails are often sent to us by couples who have seen a Venice engagement shoot. (we like this idea of combining an engagement shoot with a vacation!) We often get emails from teams who’ve seen an engagement shoot in Venice (we love the idea of combining your engagement shoot with a trip!)

Pictrip makes it easy to find a photographer for your holiday.

All of us have tried (and most likely failed!) Take a picture that captures the essence of your trip, particularly if you’re on a romantic vacation.

No matter how many Instagram filters are added, these pictures will never be as perfect as the memories you have of the moment.

Pictrip has revolutionized travel photography. You’ll still get candid, romantic, and intimate photos, but you’ll also capture the magic of your destination.

You and your partner may be the type of couple that comes back from a holiday with a series of beautiful landmark photos in which you both pose (alone!) This service is for couples who are tired of having strangers take pictures of them or distorted shots.

Couples can get a real feel for the destination by having a professional photographer shoot in the most iconic places (like the Eiffel Tower or Golden Gate Bridge), as well as some local gems, like Richmond Park in London or Stephen’s Green Dublin.

Tell your photographer in advance if you are familiar with a particular city or if there is a place on your bucket list that you would like to photograph. They can then include it in the itinerary.

It’s important to remember your holiday in photographs. By hiring a photographer, you can enjoy your vacation and relax, knowing that your photos will be preserved even if the SD card or phone battery runs out (which happened to me when I was in Paris). You’ll have stunning photos to keep as a memory of your trip.

It’s not necessary to have a photographer follow you around the entire time. It’s just a fun, short shoot at some of your favorite spots.

Pictrip offers a variety of packages. Starting with the Fly By package, which is a one-hour shoot for PS220 (perfect for an overnight getaway), and working up to the three-hour City Trekker for PS480 with 75 images in three or four locations.

Pictrip can also create custom packages if you are looking for something different for your shoot.

Pictrip does not charge extra for proposals (and the photographer will be waiting discreetly at the location before you get there to go down on one knee). However, they recommend booking a 2-hour shoot to give you time to celebrate after saying ‘Yes.’ ‘.

It is a great moment to capture!

Pictrip photographers will go out of their way to make sure that you are able to focus on the proposal. They can even suggest locations to pop the question if you don’t know the city.

Couples can also download a gallery of photos and share them with their friends and families back home.

What do you think? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a photographer with you on your next vacation for an hour or so?

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