Rustic Barn Wedding with Candles & Greenery

This Oregon wedding is rustic and warm. The aging barn and the fall colors, natural greenery, and cascading candlelight are all part of the rural, friendly, and inviting feel of this Oregon wedding.

Jessica & Ali advise couples to focus on the parts of the wedding that mean the most to them. For the Northwest couple, it created an intimate space for their guests. They certainly succeeded. Cornelius Pass Roadhouse was an iconic, woodsy, enchanting barn for the couple’s wedding.

The couple decorated the room with a lot of greenery, blush peonies, ivory roses, and many candles. Their handmade altar was the centerpiece of their organic décor – a meaningful and beautiful wedding DIY!

The warmth of the photographs by Deyla Huss is reflected.

The Love Stor

Online, we met in the old-fashioned manner. Instant connection. We traveled a lot simultaneously, so we spoke for weeks before meeting in person. We had a coffee date at the park and talked for hours.

Ali proposed to me in Bellingham, WA. On the last day, we woke up very early to watch the sun rising over the bay and get coffee. She proposed as the sun rose! We chose a bench that had a great view. She ensured I finished my nails before the trip because she was the best.

Dress & Attire

I wanted to have a modest and traditional dress with lots of lace. Anna’s Bridal customized my dress beautifully, adding sleeves and appliques wherever I desired.

Ali was looking for a classic feminine style. We found the perfect pants with an elegant detail at the ankle. Facebook suggested an H&M sale blouse after she had searched in all bridal and high-end shops for the perfect blouse. She looked stunning after we added a shiny liner and tailored it to fit her!

The Venue & Flowers

We wanted to create a cozy atmosphere with plenty of candlelight and natural elements as decor. The barn was the center of attention for us, and we chose everything to enhance its beauty.

Our flowers were incredible. Terri was able to do a fantastic job with the greenery. She brought our vision to reality. The flowers were designed to draw attention to specific areas at the wedding venue, and they did so beautifully. Terri ensured that the bouquets were a mix of flowers but still reflected our tastes and personalities.

Favorite moments

It was a very calm and intimate first meeting. We enjoyed holding each other for a while and enjoying the moment. After the ceremony, we also enjoyed the moment when we walked down the aisle with each other. We walked around the corner and then behind one of the buildings on site. We spent as much time together, soaking up everything we could.

DIY Details

It was a massive undertaking for two people who had never made anything. But it was so much fun. We searched for months to find the perfect arch, but no one had it in the shape we wanted. So we built our own. It was fun to exchange vows beneath something we had made together.

The Favors

Ali lived in Chicago for two years before we met, and the original Potbelly Sandwich Shop is there. She lived right across from the original one, and it was one of her favorites while she lived there. We took a trip together to Chicago the first year because it was so important to her. She wanted to show me all around. Potbelly’s, one of our first destinations, was the start of a trip that would be very meaningful for both of us. We packed various cookie flavors into thank-you bags for our guests and as a midnight treat.

The Cake

We loved our cake. We ordered a much bigger cake than we needed because we wanted the stout look. We ordered cupcakes for another occasion a year or so before our wedding, and we were in love with the combination of almond poppy seeds, marionberries, and cream cheese. It had to be our wedding cake. There was a whole cake left! To make the cake stand look more inviting, we also served apple, marionberry, and pecan pies.

Advice to other couples

Please keep it simple. Don’t worry; our favorite part of the wedding was just being together. Focus on what is important to you. Don’t worry about the small details.

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