The Most Romantic Spanish Wedding in Andalusia

The Andalusian Hills in Southern Spain instantly conjure up romantic images. Do you remember the type where you fell in love with the olive trees next to the Moorish Palaces?

Kate & Hugo’s Spanish destination wedding evokes that romantic feeling thanks to the Andalusian landscape. The marriage of Doncel y Alcoba was a visual feast. They chose to get married outdoors in Carmen de Los Chapiteles and wandered the gardens & squares of this charming village.

The ceremony area is stunning! We were particularly impressed by the couple’s elegant and sophisticated wedding attire. Hugo, who quickly distinguished himself as the dapper man in the room, wore an intelligent & bold ivory suit. Kate’s cropped bridal coat and romantic lace gown have our hearts fluttering.

Our Love Story

We were on holiday in Spain when we met at Park Guell. When he saw me, he asked me if I needed help with my photos. We have now been together for almost seven years.

He proposed on a Caribbean island. He made it appear like he would take a picture of us using a timer. (But he recorded it as a video.) He got down on one knee as we were posing in front of the camera. It was a very romantic and unexpected moment! We couldn’t help but kiss and hug each other.

Hugo’s story: I had never seen such a beautiful woman before I asked if I could assist her with her photographs. I wasn’t shy, and I showed her my interest immediately. We started talking, and we couldn’t stop laughing…everything was a good excuse to make her laugh. We talked about how she used to be a vet and all the animals she owned as a child, including her crocodiles.

She must have guessed that I would be the one she would marry when she saw how early it was…and she only spoke to me during this entire time. We were eager to discuss music, studies, work, and everything else the next day. I wanted to be sure she knew I was going to marry her.

As we move forward, I can say that we have been through it all. Our long-distance relationship spanned different time zones, but we could always overcome everything together. We were able to do this because our relationship was unique and strong.

As she said, I had asked her to ‘become one’ with me on a Caribbean island, the same view I showed her in the first conversation. You’ll know that she replied – “yes.” However, I must admit that I was so frightened that I wasn’t sure if I had heard her correctly. Fortunately, everything was captured on video.

Dress & Attire

We wanted something classic, elegant, and straightforward. Kate chose a white dress that seemed to be made just for her, and Hugo chose an ivory tuxedo that was utterly disgraceful.

The Destination & Decor

Spain was chosen because we first met there and it has some of the most beautiful sites we have ever seen, especially in Granada. We wanted something exquisite & sober but also frugal. We wanted to create a place to gather with the people who matter most to us.

We chose green and white for the decor, as they could reflect a feeling of serenity, purity, and calm. After evaluating many options, we decided on Carmen de Los Chapiteles, where we could imagine all the perfect moments we would enjoy with our family. At our wedding, we had Mexicans, Russians, and people from Latin America. The flowers were matched to the style of the event, starting with the entry, the stairs, and the tables. They complemented the stunning view from the venue.

Favorite moments

We had live music for the ceremony. A violin played “our” song, an extraordinary moment. His uncle and my father hosted the ceremony. Hugo, who is Mexican, and I am Russian, said their vows in Spanish and Hugo’s in Russian.

My bridesmaids and I made a surprise dance for our guests at the reception.

The Photographer

Mery, our planner, sent us information about three photographers. We were impressed by the work of Doncel & Alcoba. Each photo was a work of art, capturing the beauty and happiness of the couple. We are so happy they captured our special day in such beautiful images. Each time I see them, I feel happy.

The Music

A modern playlist was played with piano and violin during the ceremony. This created a warm and inviting atmosphere, even in a cold winter. At the dinner, there were songs from every country in the room. The selection of songs on the dance floor was the same for everyone – a mixture of songs to enjoy.

Couples Advice

Nothing would have been as great without our families’ love and support. They helped us in everything we did, from the beginning of the planning process to the day when we were finally married.

Make every detail of your special day come true by focusing on what you want. Kate’s romantic advice

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