The Ultimate Guide to Maid of Honor Address Writing

Your best friend has asked you to be there for her on the big day. It must be exciting to celebrate a close friend or family member. The title maid-of-honor is a great honor, but it also comes with responsibilities. You are trusted to ease the stress of the bride’s wedding preparation. There’s a ton of pressure. It’s especially stressful when it comes to the maid-of-honor speech.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide for writing a maid of honor speech. This will allow you to spend less time worrying and more time planning your bachelorette outfits. Brainstorm

Take some time to brainstorm before you begin writing your maid-of-honor speech. For a few moments, jot down any memories, thoughts, or feelings you may have. You don’t have to write a speech. It can even be a bulleted list. Later, you can form all of this into a speech. You’re only concerned with dumping all the information you might want to include in your speech.

Keep it Positive and Leave the Past Behind.

You must leave the past behind when brainstorming or writing. It is important to avoid joking with ex-partners, having wild nights that may be viewed as embarrassing, and discussing other taboo subjects (such as marriage negativity, sex, or exes).

Do not focus on yourself.

It’s important to focus on the newlyweds rather than you when telling your stories. You will briefly introduce yourself, but you should focus on your newlyweds. There’s no harm in mentioning something the couple did that you found memorable since it shows their character.

Avoid Inside Jokes

You and your partner are the only two who can understand inside jokes. It’s best not to mention the context if you must. Keep your jokes lighthearted.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Recite your speech to yourself as often as you can. This is just like practicing any other speech at school or work. Some people find it useful to record themselves practicing the speech so they can note their speed, how jokes land, and how they look while giving it. After all, physical presence can make a huge difference. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from other friends.

Stay Sober

You may find it tempting to drink a couple of drinks before your speech in order to relax. You run the risk, however, of drinking too much. This can lead to slurring or forgetting your speech. It’s best to avoid being sloppy, as it can damage your relationship with the bride.

Does the MOH have to give a speech?

Not everyone is cut out for public speaking. Speak up if you are worried about giving a speech. The majority of people are very understanding and wouldn’t want to be put in a situation that makes you uncomfortable. You can also use other ways to show your love, such as through a song or dance.

What happens if there are multiple Maids of Honor at the same wedding?

No matter how many speeches you give in one evening, keep them short. This is particularly true if you have multiple maids. If possible, review your speech with another maid of honor to make sure they are not too similar. The chances of this occurring are low, as you have different memories and experiences with the couple. You could organize a joint address if you are close to the other MOH. This will allow you to share jokes and take some pressure off.

How long should your speech be?

How many weddings have you attended only to find that the speeches dragged on and on? We all know that anything more than a couple of minutes tends to drag. Two to five minutes is the sweet spot in terms of timing. It gives you enough time to tell the story of their love, make a few jokes, and end with some encouraging words.

What Should you do at the end?

Nothing is more satisfying than ending with a joke before asking for cheers. This will make guests laugh one last time before toasting the couple.


Introduce yourself and explain your relationship to the bride or the couple. You may already know some of the guests, but there are likely to be others you haven’t met yet.

Thank You

After you have introduced yourself, you should thank the newlyweds and anyone else you feel deserves to be thanked (such as their parents or anyone who helped pay for the wedding).

Personal Anecdote

You can share a favorite story, joke, or sentiment with your guests that will make them laugh, cry, etc. You could tell the story of how you met or how she gushed to you after she found the love of her life. Do not be afraid to use humor or sentimentality. This will make the speech more memorable and keep guests entertained.

Encouragement Words

Now is the perfect time to share your favorite poem, quote, or reading. Share encouraging words with the couple about their future together.

Closing Remarks

Finish the speech by making a joke or expressing an emotional sentiment before asking the guests to raise their glasses in a toast to the happy couple.

Jokes for Maid of Honor & One-Liners

You need some help with the speech. Use these examples to create a speech that is tailored specifically for your couple. Include some of these hilarious one-liners to make everyone laugh.

“I met with the parents of the groom earlier, and they told me that I should cut out some inappropriate stories, so no ex-girlfriends …”. (Drop an index card )… “Alcohol …” Drop another index card… “The police ….” (drop another index card)…”

Everyone will meet their soulmate or their true love. This person will love and cherish them throughout their lives. “And that moment came when [Bride’s Name ]…[dramatic effects pause] met me 25 years ago.”

It’s not the best day of my life. I know that. It’s your best day so far because I know there are many more wonderful days ahead.

I know that I shouldn’t have spoken for more than 45 mins, but I apologize for going a bit over.

The best part of being in love is hearing someone say “I love you” for the first time, but the second is hearing them repeat it after they know all about you.

“All of you who have met the bride know she is a lovely and caring woman. She deserves to have a good partner. “Thank God ‘insert name of partner here’ married her before she could find one.”

“I only have to say that [Bride] shares a sense of humor with me, so if the speech isn’t humorous, blame her.”

The couple should be congratulated on their health and happiness.

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