A Fiesta wedding that is colorful, stylish, and cool

We have the first Tinder Wedding on our blog!

It was only a question of time. It wasn’t a beautiful and fun wedding, too. The most beautiful and stylish bride ever, a groom who was a ray of sunshine all day long, and the most colorful and vibrant fiesta décor for a dessert party!

Reagan & Ryan, a couple from NYC, brought their Big Apple friends to Tuscon in Arizona for a Mexican-themed wedding.

Jenny, her talented cousin from Plain Jane Photography, was chosen to capture the magic.

Full disclosure: This wedding is absolutely stunning (you may remember that we were close to a Mexican theme for our reception).

Reagan, who is a fashion designer, wore a Rue De Seine gown with beautiful flowers that would have made Frida Kahlo proud.

The outdoor wedding venue featured DIY signs, Etsy purchases, and simple flowers.

My favorite part of this wedding is the surprise ceremony that was created by Reagan & Ryan’s amazRyan’siends and family. ).

Let’s pause. Let’s push and let you decide for yourself (but don’t forgeon’tread the story of their proposal; it is pretty epic! ).

Snapshot of the Wedding Day

Our Love Story

Ryan and I met through Tinder! There’s not anything romantic about it, but we have spoken every day since the first swipe.

If I may say so, our proposal story is quite sweet. Ryan surprised me with beautiful flowers and a note that read, “Tonight will “be amazing.” You only “have to trust me and follow my instructions. Trust me. Everything is taken care of .”.

The move” opes were labeled with “a” and told me to wait until the end of the day before I opened the first one. I opened the first envelope after waiting until 4, which was obvious.

He had booked a car for me to take me to an unknown destination. I wasn’t allowed to ask questions, but I knew the pope would be in town and that the traffic was terrible. I also knew I was starving, so I asked the driver how far we were going.

We weren’t. We weren’t at the Standard Hotel in Meatpacking seven minutes later.

I was told to go to the front desk. He had reserved a room, and when I got up, there were five other sets of instructions all over the place.

I said, “Come on in,” relax and enjoy a glass or two of wine. Enjoy some Reagan time.” A few minutes later, a tray with cheese and charcuterie appeared. He had picked out a few outfits (including shoes in five different styles) and brought me clothes for the following day, along with my makeup. About 20 eyeliners were there. )

Cocktail attire is appropriate for tonight. Wear something nice, and meet me at 7 pm. “At 6:45, go” to the computer and enter.”

When I opened his laptop, there was a video he had made about our lives together in the last two years. I was clearly in tears.

“Come up and” meet me upstairs in the Boom Boom Room.”

He was a “ting at a corner desk in a dapper suit and tie. We sat for an hour overlooking Manhattan’s skyline, sipping wine and eating appetizers. Then he got out his speech.

After a while, we sat and chatted for a little longer before going for a romantic tapas dinner a few streets away.

The Flowers

I was in love with a bouquet I saw at a Carolina Herrera show made entirely of magnolia leaf. My florist added some ranunculus to my perfume, and I’m thinking maybe some garden flowers to match my flower headpiece.

It was perfect. I could not have asked for more! The flower crown was made from fuschias, orange, yellow, and red ranunculus and carnations. Beautiful, bright, and perfect.

I asked for a King Protea and more magnolias leaves. It was so cool. She gave me exactly what I asked for and even some things I didn’t knowdidn’tted.

Both boutonnieres were made from single ranculus leaves and green leaves. The best man wore orange and white to match his MOH, while the groom wore white to reach her.

The Attire

We did not want to pick out the outfits for our MOH or Best Man, so we left it up to them. We only gave color direction – a red gown for my sister and a navy jacket for the best man.

I chose bold red to accent the MOH’s dressMOH’suse I knew I would wear flowers in my hair, and I also knew our wedding was going to be colorful.

The Setting

We wanted to marry in the desert. We wanted to get married in the desert.

Originally, we were planning to have a backyard wedding at my mother’s mother’s ceremony, which would take place in the beautiful natural desert that surrounds their home. However, the logistics of hosting a large party at their home became overwhelming.

As I looked at the venues, I remembered Tohono Chul from my childhood, and I read many testimonials about how beautiful it is now. Pictures online do not even come close to capturing the magic of this place.

We were planning our wedding in New York in just six months. The venue was booked in October without seeing it, but when we finally visited in November, we were thrilled.

The natural beauty of the area attracted us.

The Photographer

It was an easy decision because my cousin is a talented photographer! She was able to capture our special day beautifully.

Djole, a friend of Ryan’s who Ryan’sas a camera operator for his wife, whose job is to be a travel blog writer, offered to film the ceremony.

Advice to other couples

Ouf, I’m not sure I would not call myself a “traditional” bride,” so I did “not look at bridal magazines, blogs, or anything else like that.

It was just the beginning. After a while, it became confusing – some too many images and themes clashed.

The whole process was a gradual evolution for me. At first, I didn’t know I didn’t want to do it! I was drawn to the Mexican aesthetic and color.

Etsy was my greatest inspiration once I got really into it. It was the ideal marketplace for me because I could curate my look through the amazing shops.

Budget-wise, I recommend that you keep it simple. I do not believe that a wedding should cost a fortune. I also know that there are many ways to make it special without spending as much money.

Keep in mind that this day is all about you and the one you love. The centerpieces and the gifts that you take home are not remembered (unless they are incredible). Plan something special for you. Make it your own! Get creative!

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