Bachelorette Party Ideas You Have Probably Never Heard Of

Your bachelorette party can be a great excuse to dress in outfits you wouldn’t normally wear and go out. Social media has made it easy to see a variety of themes. We’d bet you’ve also seen the same thing over and over. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you deserve to celebrate in a way that is as unique as yourself. Are you ready to party? You’ve never heard of these bachelorette party theme ideas.


Barbie was the obvious choice to begin this list. We don’t expect the Barbie theme to disappear anytime soon, thanks to the box-office hit. We don’t think so! This is the ultimate expression of femininity and inner child. Who doesn’t like to wear pink?

Groovy & Boozy

You may have seen “dazed & engaged,” but why not try groovy & boozy instead? Consider flower power, disco ball, bell bottoms, and a color palette of pink, orange, and yellow.

Legally Married

Why not celebrate your engagement with Legally Blonde, a classic romantic comedy? You may not look blonde, but your marriage is on its way.

Mamma Mia

This one is for all Mamma Mia lovers. Bring Greece to your home and live out Donna’s dreams. The decor includes disco balls and blue and white balloons. Lemons and bougainvillea can also be used. You can spend the day and night singing, swimming, and drinking wine. Don’t forget the feather boas.

On Cloud 9

You’ll feel on cloud nine when you marry the love of your life. Use that happiness to create a bachelorette theme. This is great for nights at home when you want to relax in your pajamas.

Ready to Par-Tee

Enjoy a day full of fun and excitement as you throw a golf-themed party. This bachelorette theme is perfect for those who spend their weekends playing golf with their fiancee or are heading to Scottsdale, the largest golf city in the United States and want to wear cute outfits.

Celebrate One S’more

Join your best friends for a night of nostalgia, laughter, and tasty treats around the campfire before you tie the knot. Nothing is better than toasting the future, sharing ghost stories, and roasting marshmallows with your closest friends.

She found her love.

Taylor Swift is a huge hit in the world, so we thought it was only right to include a T. Swift-themed theme. You can find your partner with the help of a butterfly theme, soft colors, and Taylor Swift playing continuously.

Y2k Throw-Bach

This theme will take you back to the 90s, with scrunchies and Spice Girls. You’ll love playing your favorite childhood songs while dressed in cheetah prints and eating Ring Pops if you were born in 1990. You can end the night by watching your favorite 90s romantic comedies.

Girls want to have fun.

Get away to paradise for a relaxing tropical getaway with your closest friends. This bachelorette party is filled with poolside lounging, beachside adventures, colorful swimsuits, and endless cocktails.

Brunchin’ and bubblin’

If you want to be sophisticated, throw a brunch and bubblin party with champagne, finger sandwiches, pastries, a floral dress, and large flower arrangements. This theme can be used to start a long weekend celebration or to end it when you want something more calm.

Last Sail before the Veil/Coastal Grandma

The coastal grandma is a popular trend on Instagram and TikTok. It’s usually a fashion trend, but people have turned it into the most adorable bachelorette party theme. Enjoy a weekend with your East Coast granny, sipping on spritzes and hanging out at beach clubs.

Love at First Spritz

Aperol Spritzes are a great way to express your personality. We don’t blame anyone who loves them. You can use your favorite adult drink as an inspiration for your bachelorette. Infuse the day with Italian touches, orange touches, and endless spritz cocktails. This one doesn’t require you to go to the Amalfi coast.

Margs and Matrimony

If you prefer margaritas, then this party is for you. Enjoy delicious Mexican food, sip refreshing margaritas, and dance all night long. Remember to wear different shades of green for everyone!

Bride & Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice? Bride and Prejudice? This bachelorette theme is perfect for hopeless romantics who can’t get Jane Austen enough. Celebrate finding Mr. Darcy by hosting regal tea parties. Dress up in fancy gowns and carry around dainty umbrellas to keep you out of the sun.

Last Randez-Veuve

Another drink-inspired idea will take you to Paris’ streets without the need to purchase a plane ticket. Enjoy a randez-vueve filled with decadent treats, Veuve Clicquot, and Parisian decor.

PJs with Prosecco

You may need to have a quiet night out in the middle of a bachelorette party. Turn it into a night of PJs, prosecco, and self-care when you need some TLC. You can pamper yourself with manicures, pedicures, and face masks.

Love Island

It’s okay if you don’t need to visit the villa in order to find your soulmate, but it doesn’t stop you from celebrating Love Island the right way. This one will be a big hit for reality TV fans, with a day of sun, swimsuits, and the famous water bottle.

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