Cotswolds Countryside Wedding with a Personal Touch

The rustic estates, vast open fields, and charming countryside weddings are always a source of admirable charm for me. This real wedding, which features a couple who added their personal touches and made it an endlessly charming English affair, is proof of that.

Amelia and David decided to forgo the “wedding madness” and instead focus on personalizing their wedding day. Amelia said, “We wanted to throw a beautiful celebration with friends and family that reflected our relationship.” And they did!

Amelia’s godfather conducted the ceremony, featuring our favorite moment to date: A choir of wedding guests led by Amelia’s musician brother. The congregation sang hymnals, traditional songs, and classics from The Beatles and The Monkees.

The commitment to personal touch continued throughout the entire day.¬†Nontraditional photos “totally” them, self-written vows, and a roasted pig were all part of a labor of love on the estate.

Our Love Story

Five years ago, our brothers, who were good friends in university, set us up with a date.

Amelia proposed to David on Mount Etna in Sicily. After she said yes, David asked, “Where is my rock?” She happened to lump lava in her hand and gave it to her!

Wedding Vibes

We didn’t wish to be caught up in the wedding mania of fussing over color schemes, napkins, and roles and titles that were very specific for everyone. With the help of family and friends, we wanted to throw a beautiful celebration that reflected our relationship. We wanted to do something different and not follow a formula.

The weather was kind, which made it possible for us to spend the whole day outside. We didn’t want to risk eating out, so we hired an artist in the village to decorate the inside of the shelter as if it were out. There were many flowers and large tree branches wrapped around the poles.

The Ceremony

Amelia’s godfather conducted the ceremony in a beautiful grove of trees. We wrote our vows and ceremony.

Amelia’s older brother is a composer and music teacher. He led a choir for which our family and friends volunteered. The choir sang Tender by Blur. The congregation sang I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles and I’m A Believer by The Monkees. The ceremony was very personal because everyone stood and sat around us.

The Photographer

Laura’s style of photography captures the feeling and moment of the day. These pictures are vibrant and full of color and energy. They also tell a little story. We wanted something different from the more traditional posed photos. The results were great, and the people didn’t even notice they were there. We selected the videographer because we didn’t want it to be cheesy. Darren¬†did a fantastic job.

The Food & Drink

The food and drinks were a significant part of our day. Bob Parkinson, from Make By Bob, did our food. This was the best decision we made for our day. With him, we designed the drinks and menu from scratch. We wanted to let people see the prepared food, not hide it in a tent. So we had a large barbecue and wood-fired stove in the middle reception area. David’s father has a small farming business and donated a pig to us. We used it in several dishes.

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