Four Caribbean Honeymoon Resorts You’ll Want To Visit

We have compiled a list of four resorts in Jamaica that will suit your honeymoon style.

Jamaica, located in the Caribbean Sea, is a tropical island with stunning beaches and sparkling blue water. What a fantastic vacation destination! Can I also mention that the island is home to the tantalizing jerk chicken?

Apple Vacations is partnering with us to bring you all the details of a Jamaican Honeymoon in four stunning resorts. You can choose from various options, whether you want to go on an adventurous snorkeling tour or prefer a calmer and rejuvenating getaway.

What is included in your stay? Apple Vacations provides round-trip air travel, hotel accommodations, airport transfers, and services from an Apple representative in the resort. Your flights will be direct and convenient to get you there, allowing you more time in paradise.

The resorts offer various dining options, local excursions, and carefully thought-out details (like their romantic packages). To ensure your trip is seamless, we will start when you book flights.

With its nearly 50-year experience, Apple Vacations has helped millions plan the most romantic days of their lives. We’ve reviewed their online brochures to give you an idea of which resort would be best for you.

Couples Tower Isle For Ultimate Spa Relaxation

The flagship resort, Couples Tower Isle, is on a private island! Is there anything romantic? The resort offers eight unlimited Oasis Spa Villas. The resort provides a Buddha plunge pool, a fresh juice bar, couples massages, seaweed wraps scrubs, and deluxe amenities like steamed body and face masks. The farm-to-table cuisine is the same as in the other locations. This location is our top recommendation for those looking to relax on their honeymoon and enjoy the ultimate spa experience.

Couples Sans Souci For Charming Waters

They offer scuba diving, multiple snorkeling tours, and beginner sailing lessons. Kayaking, waterskiing, etc., are all included. Enjoy the natural spring water and rejuvenating effects of a dip in the mineral pool, explore coral reefs and frolic on the waves, or sail into the sunset.

Dunn’s River Falls is a must-see, offering a complimentary tour off-property and an opportunity to climb the waterfall. Sans Souci offers private dining on the beach with candlelight dinners under the stars. It’s not without reason that Jamaica is called “the Jewel of Jamaica.”

Couples Negril For Intimate Beaches

The resort is secluded and intimate, with a beach that’s au naturel! The resort offers a relaxing island atmosphere and a treehouse-style spa. Enjoy their romantic packages and be pampered all day.

Why not relax with a beach bonfire? Or dance to jazz music and drink cocktails at the piano bar? Negril offers a romantic getaway for couples who don’t want to plan their day and enjoy the island breeze.

Couples Swept Away For Adventurous Sights

Do you want to discover, adventure, and fuel your passions in a new place? The Swept Away offers a 10-acre fitness center with tennis courts, studios, and a lap swimming pool for active couples. Seven Mile Beach is a world-famous outdoor activity.

With guides and instructors included, enjoy sea kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, and windsurfing. Swept Away offers a place to dream, play, and have an energetic experience.

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