French Toast

French Toast is my favorite breakfast. French Toast is my favorite breakfast. Today I will share all my tips on how to make perfect French Toast. It’s SO easy, but it tastes SO good! What’s the best part? You don’t even have to leave the house. Even though I enjoy going out to breakfast, I prefer to stay home and have a tasty breakfast in my pajamas. I promise that homemade French Toast is better. You will love my recipe for life after you try it.

This recipe can be used for brunch, dinner, or a light lunch. Breakfast for dinner is a favorite in our family!

What is the best bread to use

I think that brioche is the best bread to use for French Toast. It’s rich, buttery, and fluffy. And it makes the best French Toast. This is a bread that’s very rich, buttery and fluffy. It makes the best French Toast. You need the best bread to make the best French Toast! Most bakeries carry brioche, and some grocery shops do too. Trader Joe’s has sliced brioche, and it’s delicious our favorite!

You can substitute Texas toast, Challah, or French bread if you cannot find brioche. All of these are good choices. Use gluten-free bread if you want to make the recipe gluten-free.

It is better to use stale or day-old bread because it absorbs the batter more effectively. If you plan to make French Toast, you should buy the bread at least a day before. Did you know the French call French toast “pain perdu”? This means “lost bread” because they use “stale,” aka “lost” bread.


Five ingredients are all you need; you probably have them in your pantry right now.



Vanilla extract


A pinch of salt

Substituting Milk

You can use coconut, almond, or heavy Cream instead of whole milk. Although the flavors may change, you will still get a delicious result!

Heavy cream-use heavier Cream to make a French toast that is extra decadent. You can use a mixture of half milk and half cream.

Almond Milk – unsweetened vanilla almond milk makes great French Toast. I love that it has an extra vanilla flavor.

Coconut milk -coconut milk works too! I love the coconut flavor.

How to make French Toast

On the stove, you can use an electric skillet. The electric grill is our favorite because it allows us to cook multiple pieces simultaneously. Be sure that the grill is hot enough before you begin cooking.

The batter can be mixed in a pie pan or shallow pan. So I don’t need to wash another dish, I mix the batter in the pan. Mix the batter with a fork or whisk. Be sure to thoroughly beat the milk and eggs together.

These two ingredients are crucial for the best French Toast. They give the bread a wonderful flavor.

Add half the cinnamon to your French Toast and mix. Add the remaining cinnamon after you’ve cooked half your French Toast. This will ensure that all the French toast pieces are covered in cinnamon, not just the first few.

Turn the bread into the French toast batter with a fork, spatula, or tongs.

You want to soak both sides of the bread with the French toast batter. Both sides of the bread should soak up the entire egg mixture. Do not leave the bread in the mixture too long, or it may become soggy.

Butter the bread slices. This will add extra flavor to the French Toast and create a golden brown crust. Let a small amount of butter melt on the hot pan or skillet. Place the bread pieces that have been soaked in butter onto the pan.

Cook both sides for about 2-3 minutes each side.

Keep it Warm

French Toast can be kept warm for up to 30 mins in an oven set at 200 degrees F.

Place the French Toast on a rack. Do not leave it in the oven for too long, or it may dry out. The best way to enjoy it is hot and fresh!


Butter, pure maple sugar, and a light dusting of powdered icing sugar are a great combination. When berries are in season, I like to add them. I’ll make my Buttermilk SyrupSyrup and pour it over the top for a special treat. You will want to drink this Syrup Syrup 🙂

You can go all out and add the following:

A dollop of whipped Cream

Sliced almonds

Candied Pecans


What is your favorite nut butter?

Banana slices


A little Nutella

How to store & Reheat

Fridge If you have leftovers, you can keep them in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to two days.


Four large Eggs

Half a cup of whole milk

One teaspoon of vanilla extract

Divide 1 1/2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon into equal parts.

Salt pinch

Brioche Bread 8 Slices

Unsalted Butter for Cooking

If desired, maple syrup, powdered berries, and sugar can be served.


Preheat an electric skillet to 350 degrees F.

Add the milk, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon (half), and salt to a shallow pie pan or plate. Stir until well combined.

Dip both sides of the bread into the egg mixture. Add the remaining half of the cinnamon to the egg mixture after dipping half of your slices of bread. Mix again. It will ensure that all the bread slices are covered in cinnamon.

Melt some butter in a large pan or griddle over medium heat. Cook the French Toast until golden brown on both sides, approximately 2-3 minutes.

If desired, serve the French Toast with powdered sugar and berries.

Turn the oven to 200 degrees F to keep the French Toast warm. Place the French Toast on the wire rack. Keep warm for up to thirty minutes in the oven.

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