How to have a feminist wedding

Planning your wedding can be a personal and exciting journey that allows couples to express and share their love story. In our modern society, we are seeing more and more couples abandon tradition to celebrate equality. This can be a daunting task. How do you begin? What are the aspects of weddings that are patriarchal in nature?

You can have a femininity that will celebrate you and your partner’s equality. Here are some steps that you can take to make sure your wedding supports women’s right as much as it possibly can. rights both parent’s blessing

You may feel uncomfortable when your fiancee asks your father. Permission to propose. You shouldn’t be treated like a property. You’re likely old enough, whether your parents agree with you or not, to make your own choices if you’re getting married.

If your fiancee insists on keeping this tradition, you might want to ask both your parents and theirs. This shows that they are open to all opinions, and view it as more of a blessing for the marriage rather than a father passing his daughter on to someone else.

Open Communication is the First Step

Start the planning process with an open and honest conversation about what feminism is to you both and how you would like to incorporate this value into your wedding. You may have already discussed these topics with your partner, but you might not have considered how to apply them on your wedding day. Listening to each other and trying to understand their perspectives, values and expectations is important for ensuring you are on the same page.

Breaking the mold

Feminist weddings challenge gender roles. Think about how you would like to present yourself beyond the traditional bride-groom dichotomy. You can include:

Attire Wear what makes you comfortable and confident. You might choose to wear a jumpsuit in place of a wedding dress (or vice-versa) or something bright

Wedding Party- Gender is no longer a factor in choosing your web. wedding party. Select friends and family members based on the importance they have in your life. This could mean having a groomsman. Your wedding party should reflect those who are closest to you

Get ready together- This is a superstition, but if you’d like to spend the night and/or prepare with your partner the morning of the wedding, go ahead. This can help to calm nerves.

Walking Down the Aisle If you do not want your father walking you down the aisle with you, you can walk down the aisle with your fiancée, your mother, your both parents or another significant person in your life.

Noboth your bouquet,t toss — These are two of the easiest traditions for a feminist to ditch when planning their wedding. You may not want your single friends to be married, or at least to be publicly humiliated in front of your guests. Your significant other biting your garter can also be uncomfortable for your family and you. Your guests will be more interested in other options to entertain them at your wedding reception.

Joint bachelor/bachelorette party – When you and your significant other are best friends, you become close with their friends. Why not celebrate your love with everyone by having a bachelorette and bachelor party?

You can pay for your wedding yourself

In the past the bride’s parents were expected to pay for the wedding. g costs. It was almost like a modern-day dowry. This is not only unfair to the parents of the bride, but also outdated. According to Zola, the average couple spends$29,000 on their wedding. This is a lot of money for anyone. You can add a feminist twist to your day by allowing both parents to pay or even paying yourself.

Include Incluspaynguage at Your Ceremony

The ceremony offers the ideal opportunity to promote feminist principles. Working with and your officiant, create a ceny that emphasizes equality. You also wish to include quotes or rituals that underscore the importance of par underscore and mutual respect.

It’s the same for vows. Show your support for each other’s goals, dreams and aspirations. Your written words can help you show your equality.

Vendor Selection

It doesn’t matter what traditions you follow or don’t. This can be applied to your vendors. Support businesses that share your values. Search for vendors that are inclusive and diverse, who respect and your vision and those committed to equal treatment.

Gifts registry

Cons  rider who is creating a registry to support social justice and gender equality. You could do this by including brands owned by women or encouraging guests to donate instead of giving traditional gifts to feminist organizations. This will help to make a positive impact that extends beyond your wedding.

Encouragement Speeches

Women were traditionally not allowed to speak at weddings. This old-fashioned mentality is slowly fading away, but to make sure everyone has a chance to speak, you can encourage your barmaids to give a toast or speech. You, as the bride, can do the same. Don’t hesitate to grab the microphone if you want to thank your guests. You’re not a big fan of speeches? Why not just skip them? It’s your wedding, so you can do whatever you want.

Change Your Last name

The feminist wedding doesn’t end on the big day. It continues long after. Many people around the world choose to keep their maiden names and forgo their partner’s last name. It’s a choice that can be made for many reasons. But it is a decision that makes life much easier. It’s not necessary to spend hours preparing all the paperwork to legally alter it.

It’s crucial to discuss this early with you to alter it legally and to keep your maiden surname. They should understand if this is important to you. It’s best to talk further if they seem uncomfortable.

Your wedding is an expression and inspiration of your values. It can inspire others to think about what’s important to them. These steps are only the beginning if you want to host a feminist-themed wedding. Here are 7 ways to create an anti-bride marriage to help you customize your wedding.

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