How to make your wedding flowers last as long as possible

Today, we have a blog post that is brimming with pure beauty, but as usual, we have also snuck in some wedding advice!

Svetlana Srizhakova took this photograph in sunny Spain. It shows Sweet William Floral Designs florist Elena Goryainoff putting together a beautiful hand-tied peach bouquet with orchids and roses.

Elena shares her tips on how to make your wedding flower last as long as possible.

Some brides and grooms wonder why they need their flowers to last. After all, the wedding only takes place once! There are many reasons that floristry knowledge can be useful on your wedding day.

In the case of brides who DIY wedding flowers and source them on the day before, they can do so. Some brides may get married outside of town and need to gather their flowers before the wedding.

While you hope that a florist will deliver an absolutely gorgeous bouquet the morning of the wedding, sometimes problems can arise. Sometimes flowers wilt, so it’s a good idea to be prepared with a few tricks in case this happens. ).

And, of course, you may want to keep your bouquet or gift it to someone special after your big day (it’s perhaps the most gorgeous/special/expensive bunch of flowers you’ll ever own, after all!) If this is you, Elena from Sweet William Floral Designs offers some great tips on how to keep your flowers fresh.

How to make flowers last as long as possible

With the proper care, many species of cut flowers will last for a week.

Flowers prefer temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius and avoid direct sunlight or cold drafts. It’s best when you cut flowers to wrap them in wet paper or spray water on them.

You can buy flower food or preservatives at supermarkets, garden supply stores, and florists.

This should contain all the ingredients that flowers require to flourish, such as sugar to provide energy, acid for stabilizing the color, water pH, and biocide, which kills bacteria and fungi.


Keep them at 8-10 degrees Celsius. The flower food will keep them fresh twice as long.

Matthiola likes clean vases, and it is best to wash the vase daily.


Roses should be preserved at 5 degrees Celsius. Put them into water that is as deep as you can (but keep the buds above the water) for at least three hours. The water temperature should be around 20 degrees Celsius.


Peonies can be preserved at 5 degrees Celsius.

To open a peony flower that is in a closed bud, place it in hot water and let it sit for a short period.


Keep orchids in a temperature range of 8-10 degrees Celsius.

Do not let water droplets on flowers. They can damage the blossoms. Use fresh, clean water to keep your orchids healthy.


Tulips like very cold water. Even ice.

To keep tulip stems straight, fix them using paper and let them soak in water for a couple of hours.

The silk ribbon is a beautiful touch to the bouquet. Aren’t these photos stunning, too?

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