How to plan a picnic wedding

A picnic wedding is a great way to make your wedding special. It’s also a relaxing, quaint, and unique option. A picnic wedding is perfect if you want to have a relaxed, outdoor vibe and love surprises.

Picnic weddings can be casual and fun or elegant and classic. It’s up to you how you style it. Rest assured that planning a picnic wedding doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated, but it’s a great way to make this event as grand or as simple as you like.

Consider Comfort

It’s easy to ruin a wedding picnic if you make it uncomfortable. Think about how you can make your wedding and guests more comfortable. It could be as simple as laying a rubber pad under pillows and blankets to prevent moisture from leaking up. Investing in bug repellent can keep mosquitos and gnats away. You could cover a concrete or hardwood floor with multiple pillows and blankets to keep your guests comfortable. Just because you’re having a picnic doesn’t mean that you should ignore your guests’ experience.

Pack picnic baskets

What’s a picnic or picnic wedding without a basket of food to fill it? You can undoubtedly do a picnic spread (or picnic table), but picnic boxes or baskets may be more convenient. Give your guests a convenient, easy-to-access food supply. Choose food that can be easily held in the lap of your guests and doesn’t require a table or fork and knife. Your guests may want to stretch and move around, so ensure the food is easily accessible.

Embrace Your Dreams

Remember why you decided to have a picnic-style wedding. Perhaps it was an adorable photo of a wedding with a cozy atmosphere. Keep things simple and small. Regardless of your motivation, remember your dreams when planning a picnic wedding or any other style of wedding. Do not let anyone pressure you into doing something different than your vision. Create the day that you envision!

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