Luxury British Wedding with Great Gatsby Vibes

The Great Gatsby would be impressed by a lavish British wedding with jewels styled to please even The Great Gatsby. And it was planned in just three months! You don’t tell!

John and Rebecca were almost married in Italy. But when they found Hedsor House, something felt right. We can see why. This royal-looking estate has a grand staircase, manicured grass, romantic cypresses, dramatic ballrooms, and an enchanting bridal room.

Sparkling fashions complemented the elegant look. Rebecca wore an art-deco-inspired hairpiece, a stunning off-the-shoulder lace gown, blue sparkling shoes, and a luxurious Fur Shawl. Her groom looked dapper in black-tie attire.

Our favorite moment was when a choir sang at the ceremony on the mezzanine.

Our Love Story

John and I consider ourselves to be a bit ’21st Century’. We met because we both swiped right on Tinder, the popular dating app. John, a rugby professional, found he was not meeting anyone. I couldn’t find the right guy either!

We met for our first date in Reigate, about halfway between us. While driving, we shared a cup of tea and some Italian cuisine. We hit it off, and before we knew it, we saw one another multiple times weekly. After three months, I moved in with John…or as he tells the story: “More and more things kept appearing in his apartment until one day I was never gone!”

John proposed to me in the rain two and a half years after we met. John’s proposal was unexpected and out of the blue, but I said, “YES!” John left for Singapore two weeks later, and I was left to plan our wedding.

The Planning

We dreamed of marrying in Italy, so we planned a trip with our mothers to view and visit venues. We found the perfect venue, and the trip was a success. However, John called me from Singapore one day and said he saw a wedding venue in England. I had to go that evening because they were having an open night.

We all fell in Love with the place. It was perfect. It was not Italy, but it felt right somehow! The Italy plans were quickly thrown out of the window as I was moving from Singapore to join John within three months, and we already had the wedding planned. I also had my dress fitted and found. We moved to Singapore in November and returned to England a week before the wedding for Christmas, the Hen and Stag’s do, New Year, and the marriage.

Favorite moments

A wedding is unique when personalized to reflect the personalities of those getting married. Following the “requirements” of a marriage or copying the styles on Pinterest doesn’t make it more memorable. Finding what works for you and your partner is the key! We wanted our family and friends to be there, so we thanked everyone who came. This was an extraordinary moment for us!

Music was the perfect way to bring everyone together. The music was an essential part of the day and a significant topic of discussion. There was also a magic. I couldn’t recommend this magician more! He was a hit with guests, and it was great that he mixed with them during Canapees. It brought everyone closer together.

Singapore also offered wedding dance classes. We are not natural dancers, but the teachers were very patient, and we loved it!

What else can bring people together than great food? Our caterer did more than expected and received a standing ovation.

The Photographer

We knew that videography and photography would be a big part of our special day. As a photographer (Rebecca), I am naturally “picky” (as John loves to point out). I believe the photos and video should be used to create memories of your day, which you can look back on and share with your family one day.

I’ve been following Jacob and Pauline for years and was lucky to have them both capture our special day. They are both advocates of capturing moments rather than posed pictures. Their style is romantic, natural, and soft.

Couples Advice

You’re like me if you are old-fashioned. This is something you will only do once. Do it your way. Remember that although you will receive advice from family and friends, it is your wedding.

The wedding was planned for three months. It may seem wild, but it worked! Vendors told us that couples who spend a lot of time planning are often more stressed and more likely to change their minds. Due to our timing, we could make decisions quickly and easily! It just worked!

I would say not to be precious about things changing and move on. Our wedding was the opposite of what I had envisioned as a child. Growing up, I dreamed of being married on a beach or in Italy. For us, the wedding was about the people. This meant that we had to adapt and change with the times. Looking back, there’s not a thing I would have done differently!

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