Netherlands Beach Wedding with Organic Grass

Who knew The Netherlands would be such a fantastic beach destination? Okay, maybe you did. And yes, I can see it. …)

When we think of weddings in Holland, we usually imagine fields of vibrant tulips, windmills, and colorful homes. This dreamy beach wedding in the Netherlands is unique. We love such things, but this taupe-colored, dried-grass-filled event is extraordinary.

This wedding was filled with personal stories and details, just like all weddings. The couple, who have been married for many years, baptized their son on the same date (how sweet!). The wedding was planned according to the advice given by a beloved family member who passed away: Make your wedding exactly what you want. We wholeheartedly endorse this.

Our Love Story

Eva’s perspective: Just before New Year’s Eve. I had been single for over a year and wanted to keep it that way. Three weeks later, I was going to New Zealand to work & travel for several months. Kurz, before New Year’s, I messaged Markus on a similar page to Facebook. We only knew each other from the Internet.

After a few messages, I suggested that we make a call. Markus made his longest-ever phone call. We talked for five hours about everything. I fell in love instantly with his voice and sense of humor. Markus was invited to my party because I had planned a large New Year’s Eve celebration and a farewell. Markus came to my party, even though he lived 150 kilometers away.

He kissed and pulled me by the side of the road long after midnight when everyone had gone to sleep or was already asleep. It was a special moment. We instantly became a couple. We had the first to survive New Zealand’s separation. We did! We did!

The proposal came on our ninth anniversary, nine years after the meeting. After we returned home with our kids from the fireworks and the celebrations, it was New Year’s Eve. I, of course, put on my jogging trousers first. It’s what I do.

I took Markus into my arms, thanked him for our nine years together, and told him that he stood by me and my entire family during this difficult time due to my stepfather’s cancer. He said, “Wait for a moment and close your eyelids; I have something special for you.” I opened my eyes, and he knelt before me, asking if I wanted to be his wife. I forgot to reply. THE ANSWER WAS CLEAR since I had been waiting so long for this moment!

The Ceremony

We married in Germany a year earlier (my stepfather joined us for this special day!) It was easy to marry in a Protestant Church abroad since we had already been married one year before (my stepfather joined us on this beautiful day! Our pastor delivered a humorous and sensitive sermon to the guests in a beautiful old church.

We decided to use organ music for the church in a non-traditional way. Thilo, our musician, played “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” a family song accompanied by a ukulele. He also performed other pieces with guitar accompaniment. He’s incredible! Listen to him!

The Photography & Videography

Kathrin Krok was the photographer I chose from my heart. I met Kathrin Krok at the Vintage Wedding Fair and loved her and her photographs. After seeing one picture, I was in tears. I knew I had to get her. Markus was convinced by me immediately after meeting her.

This was the perfect decision! She did not just capture the best moments of our wedding, but also the christening, and make them unforgettable. No, she was by my side every moment, supported me, and made me smile. She was my Maid Of Honor. Since then, she’s been called “the best nonmaid of honor in the world.” Kathrin is still a friend, and I have many contacts today. Now, I can support her with her wedding by making small floral arrangements, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Kat Erdelyi, our videographer, is also a professional photographer. She would like to expand her service offerings to include videography. She offered to help us with our wedding at no cost. We are so grateful for her generosity! She is a wonderful person who has done a great job. We wish her success in the future!

The Destination & Location

When I got the marriage proposal, my husband was already in the hospital with my stepfather, who had just had a stroke. He also had terminal cancer. He was thrilled to hear we were getting married. My mother and he had only married six years before, and she wanted a beach ceremony. They decided not to get married at sea because their families did not like the idea. Instead, they got married in a beach club near Cologne. On his bed, he told us to match the way you want. What others think does not matter. Your day has come!

We decided to go to the Netherlands. Holland is a place where we share so many memories. We also have shared holidays with my two children, stepfather and mother. In pictures, we fell in love with the Witsand. We knew when we finally visited it in Noordwijk that this was where we would get married and also have our son Toni baptized. My stepfather was already dead from cancer at that time. He would have loved to be there!

The Dress

The “brautbluete” is a beautiful bridal shop. I found my dress there. It was “love at first sight.” No other dress, even more expensive, came close to the dress “My Anna Kara.” It was also reduced by 50% the very same day. It was a gift of heaven from my stepfather. Customer service was excellent. The customer service was exceptional. I would recommend this to any German bride.

The Decor & Florals

The boho look is relaxed and natural. Natural and unconventional. The location is perfect for my style. My love of dried flowers, beaches, and the sea led me to choose an almost automatic color palette: white, beige, and light gray blue.

Since I am creative and love working with natural materials, I wanted as much work as possible. I made the following: macrame, flower wreaths, a painted tree branch with mandalas and pampas grass, two large seaweed baskets filled with dried proteas and palm leaves, gauze table runners, gauze flags…you can see that I’m in my element when it comes down to decorating. It was for this reason that I wanted to design our wedding myself. My husband and two friends helped me decorate the venue the morning of our wedding in just two hours.

Janet from “More Konfetti, Please” helped us with the rest of the floral decorations, including the beautiful table arrangements. Janet has a beautiful soul, and I’ve taken her to my heart. She has been in touch with me for a very long time. When we learned that she would be decorating the beach club wedding on my wedding day, she offered her support. Janet gave me the incredible bridal bouquet as a gift for my wedding. She’s a real sweetheart.

Couples Advice

Select your vendors based on their skills but also your empathy. They will fill your day and even your memories with extra love.

Let your day flow. The perfect is not essential. Don’t be upset or angry if someone spills coffee on your dress. Just laugh and enjoy. You’ll never forget this moment. It happened to me, too.

Your vendors will reward you if you tip them in advance. They will work harder to help you.

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