Real Bride Diary: Wedding Decor

This post was a long time coming! The decor was the best part of our wedding planning.

This is what I spent the most time and thought on (and I have spent some money in certain areas), but overall, we’ve been able to save a lot of money with a dad who has a talent for calligraphy and a few DIY skills.

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As you know, I am not a good writer.

June 10th: Only Seven Weeks left!

– Current obsession: Avoiding everything wedding-related to avoid getting any new ideas.

Marko’s current obsession: Looking for accommodation for our Belize honeymoon (eek!) ).

This week, we are mostly Planning and rehearsing our ceremony. Our wonderful friend Dan, our celebrant, is also visiting.

If you’ve read my wedding plans, you will know that the mood we are going for is relaxed, social and fun. When it came to decor, we wanted something that would set the tone and get people talking but not be too ornate or fussy.

Marko was not interested in anything but string lights and large tables. Marko was easy to please but didn’t want a lot of flowers, tablecloths, or chair covers. It was important to me that the decor reflected us both and not be too feminine.

While we briefly considered eclectic tropical fiesta décor (bright florals and pom-pom garland with southwest fabrics and margaritas available on tap), the venue is the first thing to consider. A little research revealed that, despite the look of it being cheaper, it was actually more expensive in a large stone barn in Ireland.

The Colourful Moodboard

The Inspiration

The second idea that I came up with (and we went ahead and did) was inspired by an actual wedding showcased on Bridal musings.

The Tuscany al fresco dinner is stunning, with herb pots and jars filled with pillar candles.

Since I first learned the meaning of the term ‘tablescape,’ I have been in love with them. The tables are my favorite part of the wedding decor.

It’s amazing how a long, arranged table with napkins, wine glasses, and cutlery can set the mood for an evening.

The idea of having a reception that evoked a restaurant atmosphere was always on our minds. We enjoy eating out together with our friends and family. This single image was the inspiration for our entire décor!

The Tables

The funny thing is that sometimes a rustic and bare look can end up being more expensive than something more traditional.

This table was beautiful, but we needed more information. We had to hire wooden tables instead of the catering trestle table our venue had in order to avoid using tablecloths.

We liked the idea of the foliage garlands but, as we had three tables of 30 seats, it was too expensive. So, we chose the mixed herb pots that are on the tables of many of our favorite restaurants.

We spray-painted plastic pots with copper because the terracotta pots were too expensive to buy for the quantity of herbs that we ordered.

We chose bistro-style napkins from Ikea. (They sold out of the first style, so we are alternating half and half with another type.) and borrowed gold cutlery. (I am obsessed with it!) We borrowed gold cutlery (which I’m obsessed with!) from Lyndsey, who works at House of Hannah. ).

We will tie the napkins using a rosemary sprig, jute, and a tag made from kraft paper that I have hand-stamped for each guest. Also, we’ll have brown paper runners with the names of the tables written on the ends.

Our Neutral Moodboard

The Cocktail Hour

We will be holding our cocktail hour outside the barn, in the courtyard (hopefully under the sun), so we thought this would be a great place to experiment with signs while the guests have time to take it all in.

My dad made a beautiful order of the day and a signpost that directs guests to the bar. (Totally stolen from Pinterest!) A brown paper table plan and a pallet menu were also stolen from Pinterest (the pallet was taken from the back of a homewares store! The pallet itself was taken from the back of a homeware store!

Marko and I have also created a “Here in Spirit Board” with photos of those we’ve lost in the past couple of years. We’ll also have string lights, my absolute essential.

Sneak Peek at Some of Our DIY Projects

The Ceremony

The space available to us dictates the way we set up our ceremony. It’s a former outhouse that doesn’t have a roof anymore, so it is basically shaped like an open-air space with stone walls.

The rusted steel girders at the end of it made me think it was the perfect spot to hang a backdrop.

As I mentioned, I liked the idea and ordered a length of foliage garland from our florist. We then draped it over the rafters using painter’s drops cloth (a great way to obtain a lot of heavy-duty fabric in good quality at a reasonable price).

The venue is also a working farm, so they will put out hay for our guests to use!

Ceremony Inspiration

What are the best tips for decor planning?

Blaze Your Trail

  • Don’t be limited by the previous weddings at your venue. We were able to use the venue’s furniture and flowers, but it wasn’t what we wanted. Do not be afraid to experiment with your space. Your platform is likely to be happy to assist you.

Park your Palette

  • You don’t have to stick to a theme or color scheme. I find it easier to choose a “vibe” and then select a range of colors that go with it. The majority of our decor has a neutral tone, with wood, foliage, or linen textures. However, we have added some perspex and copper to the mix, as well as rich pinks in my bouquet.

Recall Your Venue

  • Remember your venue. Both of us had many ideas we were disappointed would not work at our venue. Keep in mind any ideas that you are passionate about when searching for a platform. Also, when browsing Pinterest, keep in mind your platform (and perhaps have some pictures close at hand). If your ideas do not work, you can adapt them according to the available space and budget.

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