Sweet Things to Do for Your Bride Bestie While Still Socially Distancing

We’re here to support our 2020 brides all over the world.

You may be wondering what you can do to help a friend going through the stress and uncertainty of having her wedding plans. Unfortunately, at a time when most of us want to hug and offer a shoulder for crying, we must maintain social distance. Do you like to send them to a spa? It’s also out of the question.

Get creative, bridesmaids!

We have some great ideas for you, whether you are a bridesmaid or maid of honor, fiance,

Send her flowers

We know of many florists who accept orders by phone and online and offer delivery without contact.

Are you unsure how to locate someone in your locality? You can find many independent floral designers by searching “your city + Florist” on Instagram. You can also coordinate with your bride’s wedding florist to create a bouquet that matches her wedding flowers. This would be

Send her wine

Ordering wine delivery has never been easier. In many states, these businesses are considered “essential” and offer sales without a Find out how to send your bride her favorite wine by calling a local wine shop (or checking their Instagram or website).

Please give her a spa at home.

I have always endorsed DIY spas. What better time than now to help your girlfriend relieve tension and stress?

You can create a spa package on Sephora, Amazon, or Etsy. Include face masks and body scrubs. Don’t forget to Facetime with each other while wearing your masks!

Send her an elegant bridal robe (and work from home)

We love bridal robes! Loungewear is one of the most valuable pieces of bridalwear available today. You can let your best friend dream about her wedding in a silk robe that she can wear to get ready. You can browse Etsy bridal robes or our list. You can help small businesses during this challenging time by purchasing their products.

Send out cards, planners & group letters.

You can also send out a group of cards (or a few) to make it feel like you’re “all. If she is still in the planning stage, you could gift her one of these pretty.

Ask her if she has any accessories in mind.

Your best friend may no longer be able to afford the earrings, heels, or tiara she loves because of a new wedding. You can surprise her with a piece from the wardrobe that she thought would be out of reach. Shop from our great accessories & veil designers here.

Contact her to help you.

You can offer to call some of the wedding vendors she might contact if your bride is considering changing her wedding date. Just getting & coordinating with a few of her vendors would be a massive weight off her back.

If you need more advice on what to do in these uncertain times, visit our a data-lasso-id=”73870″ href=”https://bridalmusings.com/category/planning/”>Planning/a> section & take a look at these a data-lasso id=”73871″ href=”https://bridalmusings.com/161711/rescheduling Visit our Planning page for more information on what you can do to prepare in these uncertain times. Also, check out these tips to postpone a wedding.

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