The Authentic Balinese Wedding Inspiration

Bali’s rice fields are even more magical than the beaches. The lush greenery, the palms that wave in the tropical breeze, and the tranquil temples are all a world away from Bali’s busy beach crowd. This wedding inspiration, photographed by┬áNej Photo, is from Ubud.

Chere Weddings designed this dreamy, intimate ceremony area. It looks like a small wooden raft floating in a sea green. The setup includes whimsical white parasols, lucite flower stands, and gold details. The carefully selected decor pieces, which combine old Bali with contemporary luxury, match the extravagant bridal look. One sparkling bridal tiara is a perfect example.

Then, we move on to an ornate and traditional tea ceremony with classic red tapestries and tropical flora, followed by a picnic in a Zen garden that fits a natural scene. We see her changing her look for this more casual setting and how a modern romantic dress with a lace cape fits perfectly into a culturally rich Balinese wedding day.

From Chere Weddings

Many weddings have been held in Bali, but none are as authentic as the Balinese wedding. When we learned about The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah, we were delighted to see that its buildings and architectural style were maintained concerning the native culture of Bali.

We felt that we needed to create a shoot that emphasized the Balinese elements of a wedding, given that it is located in Ubud, a quieter, more “zen” area of Bali. We conceptualized a photo shoot that we hoped would convey the idea of a soft, romantic celebration away from the touristy Bali.

In this photo shoot, we let Mother Nature take the lead. There is an effortless grace that comes with a photo shoot where Mother Nature lends us her beauty. We decided to focus on the magnificence of the rice paddy for the ceremony. A small ceremony was held amongst the lush greenery surrounding us. We chose a picnic-style setup as our dining area for a more casual dining experience.

We made all of the stationery. Batik was used to create a style that reflects the Balinese culture. The picnic table also faces the breathtaking view of rice paddies!

The Chedi Club created the flowers to decorate this area, adding a touch of oriental flair to the shoot. Some of the flowers were grown by The Chedi Club.

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