The essential tips for creating your wedding guest list

Planning a wedding can be a difficult task. There are endless details to consider. Each one requires a great deal of thought and consideration. Planning a wedding can be a lot of work, even though it is fun.

The guest list is one of the most crucial aspects of planning. You may think that dealing with these issues is difficult, but you’re not even close to the worst (according to research I conducted online).

Everything from the venue to the arrangements to the number directly impacts the number of guests you choose to celebrate your special day. This should be your priority. It is a fantasy to invite everyone you care about. Few people can imagine such a luxury. Others prefer lists.

It is something that everyone enjoys only if it’s a private and intima wedding. This is not something you want to add to your already busy schedule.

One of the biggest problems that wedding planners face is deciding who to invite. Here are seven tips I have compiled after researching to help you curate a wedding guest list. Let’s get started.

Make a dream list

Everyone knows how many people they would like to invite to their wedding. It would help if you decided whether you want to host a small, intimate wedding for close family and friends or a large party with all your friends. It would help if you prioritized proceeding to the next stage, planning, and budgeting. List the names of people you know who will be at the event. After you have sorted out those close to your heart, move on to the people who aren’t so close. Could you keep it simple?

Set a realistic maximum number.

Knowing the maximum accommodation capacity of a venue before you choose it is vital. Catering is another area where you should be cautious. If there are more guests, it is essential to ensure there is enough food.

Be sure that the maximum capacity of your venue is kept within the final number of guests. Budgets should be flexible. Remember all the factors and decide how you will host your guests. Don’t book the maximum. Consider booking a larger venue to accommodate extra guests if you can afford it.

Learn how to divide the list.

You’ll need to decide how to divide up the guests, i.e., The number of guests on both sides, the bride and groom. It is best to have the whole family decide together to avoid confusion. It is best to divide the guests equally, with half coming from the bride and half from the groom. The parents are usually given a quarter share to invite whomever they like. This is subjective and can vary significantly from couple to couple.

Prioritize your tasks

This means that you have to choose your favorites. Create two lists, an A-list and a B-list. The A-list contains the names of the people closest to you, i.e., Families and close friends are essential for the big event. You should send the first invitations at least two months before your big day.

You can invite people from the B-list to your party if you want them there, but their presence is unnecessary, such as distant relatives, colleagues, or friends. After you receive RSVPs from your A-list, send them an invitation. This will ensure you stay within your budget and maximum number of guests.

Set Some Rules

It’s that simple. It may sound not kind, but that’s what it is. If you do not want children at the party, have never spoken to or met the person before, haven’t seen them in a while, or feel bad about leaving them out. It’s harsh but effective. It may seem extreme, but it is subjective. I hope you get some ideas for your own strict rules.

Set Boundaries

If you cannot afford to invite people, there is no reason to ask them. This means saying no to extra guests and plus-ones from friends and family. It’s your wedding, so you decide who is important to you and who isn’t.

Get Organized

To avoid losing your mind, keep track of all the details and stay focused. Many couples find it helpful to get a planner with spreadsheets, so they can write notes and check off items as they go. Keep track of RSVPs to know who is next in line if someone cancels.

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