The Royal Vienna Destination Wedding

You can’t blame us if we still have royal wedding fever. Since Harry & Meghan, we’ve been obsessed with all that is luxury and grace. Luckily, we believe all of Bridal Musings’ brides to be royalty. Try to tell us that Sophie, the bride at today’s Vienna wedding destination, is anything but an Austrian princess.

The Stift Klosterneuburg was the most grand venue (nearly 1,000 years old!) The historic City of Palais Liechtenstein was the venue for the ceremony and then a lavish reception fit for Austrian royalty.

Details were also styled with the same abundant attention. The couple, planning from afar, trusted the master destination wedding planners, A Very Beloved Wedding, to style their lavish affair. They managed to add even more opulent detailing. The space was filled with elegant floral arrangements, including Peony and hydrangea. A six-tiered cake and a string quartet were also present. The room was filled with elegant floral arrangements of Peony and hydrangea, a six-tiered cake, and a regal string quartet (what else could you listen to in Austria?

As if all of this weren’t royal enough, how about we talk about Sophie’s amazing long-sleeved wedding dress? Sophie looks stunning with her handsome groom.

Our Love Story

Sophie (from Austria) and Luis (from Ecuador) met at the University. It was love at first sight. Their relationship is sweet, lively, and honest. Their wedding was as lovely as their relationship, as classic as their style, and as traditional as their background. The union of two cultures with the same love and vision for life.

The wedding of Sophie and Luis took place at Stift Klosterneuburg and City Palais Liechtenstein. Two icons from imperial Vienna and Austria.


The colors used were blush, shades of white, creme pastel, imperial gold, and pastel. The theme was softness. Peonies were the flower of choice. Hydrangeas and roses such as David Austin, Hybrid Tea Rose, Floribunda Rose, Bourbon Rose, Alba, Noisette, and Floribunda Rose completed the look. Greens were used in the outdoor floral design. The imperial environment had a “classic Viennese,” while the outdoor and dance area featured “Spanish Natural Lightness.”

We worked with a Very Beloved Wedding – a company specializing in destination wedding planning and design. We didn’t live in Vienna, and our guests were all international. So we hired a wedding planner. I also love their design!

The Venue of the Ceremony

According to legend, Margrave Leopold founded Klosterneuburg Monastery, where he discovered the veil his wife Agnes had lost in a wind gust on the wedding day. The foundation stone for Klosterneuburg Monastery was laid on 12 June 1114. Leopold initiated the Order of the Augustinian Canons to settle there in 1133. The canons have lived and worked there since then.

The Photography & Videography

Our destination wedding planners recommended both photographers. We liked their style. Sandra Aberg is a fine artist with a soft tone. Simon Casetti was able to capture the spirit of our wedding day. We are thrilled with the results!

The Venue for the Reception

The Palace is a part of Vienna’s rich history. The Palace is located in the inner city of Vienna and is considered the first significant building from the High Baroque era in Vienna.

Michael Thonet’s parquet floors and the magnificent ensemble of Baroque ceilings, opulent neo-rococo interiors, original furniture, and fine furnishings form a harmonious entire. The Palace also houses works from the Prince von und zu Liechtenstein’s private art collection.

The Cake

The Royal Bakery Demel made a six-tiered, off-white cake. The code of arms and the invitation emblem were gold in the middle. A Very Beloved Bloom showed real peonies in a cascade that matched the color palette and floral pattern. The cake was then presented on an antique pedestal. The cake flavors were strawberry cheesecake, strawberry pieces, and Anna Cake. The cake was placed in the classical frame of the salon on an antique 18th-century table, mirroring the quartet of string on the other side. It was then cut into pieces and served in Maria Antoinette’s room. The First Dance followed.

The Reception

Guests enjoyed a drink and finger foods while waiting for the couple in the entrance hall. The entrance hall had large flower arrangements beneath each arch and white transparent curtains to keep the area closed.

The cocktail reception was held in the Maria Antoinette Room after receiving the couple and congratulating them. The atmosphere was classic Viennese, historical, and artistic. A string quartet played Mozart, Haydn Schubert Strauss, and Beethoven. Furniture from the 18th Century was used to experience and live history and art.

After the cocktail reception, the dinner was in the leading Salon of the Palace. The AVBW team seated guests in German, English, and other languages. The classical music of the string quartet was played during dinner.

The wedding contrasted with the lightness of Spain, the air, the excellent weather, and the outside atmosphere of the Palace’s inner patio. White lounges, white fabrics, wind lights, and flowers created the atmosphere. Giant palm trees opened the entrance to the deck, revealing what was next. The Palace’s dance room is a classic modernized area. The dance room is still majestic but also modern with a wooden simplicity. The bar was white and had even Disco lighting.

Couples Advice

You should hire a destination wedding planner. Not just any wedding planner but one who knows how to plan an event like The Most Beloved Wedding.


Our honeymoon was long, romantic, and adventurous. Our honeymoon was incredible! We were just the two of you on the other side, enjoying nature.

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