Wedding Reception Trends

As 2022 approaches, what are the most popular wedding reception trends of recent years? Along with the long-held traditions of weddings, many other things come and go regarding wedding trends. You can use some directions to make your wedding reception unique and up-to-date.

Big Parties

Since COVID-19’s lockdowns prevented us from gathering in large numbers, big parties are now more popular. Celebrate with family and friends all night long!

Elaborate cocktails

Try a cocktail instead of a glass of Champagne or a mixed drink! This is a great way to offer guests something new and different at your wedding reception. Pick your favorite elixirs to create something everyone wants to replicate from their home bar after your wedding!

Reception Surprises

Couples are now looking for creative ways to surprise guests during the reception. This usually uses out-of-the-box entertainment, such as comedians, dancers, or celebrity impersonators. You can choose any type of entertainer to make your event memorable.

Colorful Decor

In 2022, wedding receptions will be dominated by bright and bold decor. Bright colors and linens are the way to go. It’s a fun and creative way to decorate your wedding reception. Your guests will be drawn in from the moment they enter the room.

Themed Receptions

Add a theme for these parties to keep up with the current trend. Popular themes include circus themes, rodeo themes, and even campfires. This trend is especially enjoyable because it allows creativity and personalization. Make it yours!

Open Air Tents

The need for social distance and more “room” in a crowd has sparked this trend. But it appears to be here to stay! The traditional tent roof is open at the sides for ventilation and more air.

Wallpaper Accents

It’s a unique wedding trend that will still be present in 2022! Wallpaper is a popular choice for weddings and homes. A wallpapered wall accent is a great place for photos. Many couples install them in their reception to do just that. It’s pretty cool!

Hanging Florals

Although this trend has been seen recently, it is catching couples’ attention. Hanging flowers can add beauty and creativity to your wedding reception. They allow you to be creative and use elements such as color or themeing. It also adds an extra wow factor when guests enter your event to see flowers hanging from the ceiling.

Family Style Meals

Family-style dining is another way people are evolving past the COVID-19 restrictions. Each table will receive a large meal to share, just as you would do at home! This is a great way to get people together.

Twinkle Lights

Consider embracing this trend to add romance to your wedding reception. This year, twinkle lights will be a big part of the decor at wedding receptions.

As you plan your event, these trends are worth exploring. It’s fun to incorporate one of these trends into your wedding, even if your goal is to keep most aspects traditional.

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