What Happens when Australian Streetwear Designers Elope in the Deserts of Vegas

There are probably several couples who are currently deciding how to proceed with their Spring wedding plans.

You may have been heartbroken by the postponement of your wedding because social distancing is recommended worldwide, and large gatherings are banned. But we’ve got a solution: elope, then hold a reception later.

Why? Why? You can celebrate with your SO, take advantage of the beautiful & wildly entertaining elopement ideas on our blog, and find another stunning gown to wear. These affordable dresses and jumpsuits are available right now. As a newlywed, I wish that I could dress for two weddings!

We’re going to share with you a retro-cool desert elopement by two streetwear designers from Australia. This elopement is fantastic. It includes a ceremony amongst cholla cacti and portraits in Las Vegas’ Neon Museum and a reception at In-n-Out Burger.

Our Love Story

After months of hearing about each other, we met through mutual acquaintances. Van was born in China and moved to Sydney only for University. We would not have met if we hadn’t pursued our creative interests.

We spent the weekend in a small coastal town just outside Sydney. This is the same place we visited on our first vacation together. We spent the weekend cooking and with our dogs. He proposed over pancakes one morning! He made the ring by himself. This is a daunting task for many, but not for him.

Favorite moments

We felt in harmony with each other during the ceremony.

We were in the middle, it was great. We drove our vintage Buick to the Canyon, and at first, getting up to highway speed was difficult. But we had a good laugh as other cars zoomed past us.

Dress & Attire

The dress we chose was effortless, but the sleeves were extravagant. We designed the suit and did all the work through our company, SWEATSHOP. Our friend, tattoo artist Dan Coy, embroidered the traditional tattoo designs. The Nudie suit inspired the modern version of this suit.

Couples Advice

Do not stress out. Make choices that you and your partner want, not what the mother-in-law’s sister or friend of her mother-in-law prefers. You are the focus! It may make others uncomfortable for a few hours, but today is your day!


The honeymoon was the entire trip. We began the journey in New York a few months ago. We spent a few days in Pioneertown, CA, after the wedding.

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