What to do while in quarantine

Bridal Musing is where we always look at the bright side of things. After all, it’s what we do all day – browse and talk about weddings, celebrations, fashion, etc.

We’ve been enjoying the benefits of quarantining after the initial shock. We’ve spent more time with each other, saved money by cooking from our cookbooks, and worked on DIY projects, crafts, and personal tasks we never thought we would have time for.

There are many wedding planning tasks that you can accomplish while in quarantine.

Our friends from Be Inspire PR have put together ten ideas for what you and your partner can do during this downtime…

Book a virtual tour to compare your wedding venue options

Steve Robertson CEO, Eventective.com

Virtual venue tours allow you to see your potential venue in the comfort of your home. “Many venues that have established event businesses offer tours of their event spaces, grounds, and facilities.”- Joel Lippman Hutton Brickyards.

Create Your Wedding Website

You can start creating a wedding website right now. Make it beautiful down to the last detail. We have free templates that will guide you through the process if you’re unsure where to begin. – Steve Robertson, CEO, Eventective.com

You can also rework your guest list

There’s no better time to start working on your guest list. Make all those hard decisions about who will be in and out. Now is the time to consider your guest list and how many people you want to invite to your wedding. – Steve Robertson, CEO, Eventective.com

“Organize your address list as well. It’s a good idea to organize your address list during quarantine! Collecting address is a good reason to get in touch and stay in touch with loved ones, while we all practice safe social distance!” – Andrea Fowler. Operations Manager, Prim & Pixie

You can find more information in our Planning Section.

You can also work one-on-one with our designers online to customize a perfect collection that fits your vision. You can work with one of our designers to create a collection that includes your vision. – Richard Lim, Bloominous

Please Read the Fine Print

Double-check all your contracts! The contract should contain postponement clauses as well as any associated costs. Most wedding professionals are flexible during this crazy time but don’t contact anyone until you have reviewed your contract.

Send out your “Save the New Dates”

You can do this by emailing, card, or even a small video clip. You can send an email, a card, or even a short video clip.” — Susan Dunne Weddings By Susan Dunne

Start from scratch? Use a pretty journal or planner to keep you organized and brighten your mood.

Plan Your Bridal Party Wardrobe

Order bridesmaids’ color swatches to create a physical palette of colors and mood boards for your bridesmaids. You can organize your bride tribe into a spreadsheet to be ready to order when you select your bridesmaid’s dresses. – Rosanna Garden Motee maids

Choose Your Groom and Groomsmen Style

“Excited couples have become nervous couples.” After planning your perfect wedding, you may not know how to maintain the excitement. Generation Tux allows you to plan your groom’s and groom’s weddings from the comfort of your home. We’ll send you free swatches and even arrange for a home try-on. Spend some time on Generation Tux to find the perfect look for your perfect wedding.” – Matt Ramirez, Senior VP of Marketing at Generation Tux

Create Your Wedding Bands

You can design your wedding bands from home. The days of picking your wedding bands from a drawer are over. Couples today want jewelry that has a personal touch. 3D modeling technology makes custom jewelry easier to create than ever.

Ada Diamonds’ lab diamond wedding rings are made to order and custom-made to match your engagement ring. The virtual Concierge Experience allows you to work with a diamond specialist to see your calls come alive through videos, computer models, and photorealistic renders. – Kelly Villarreal Ada Diamonds

Create a wedding countdown.

You, your family, and your friends need something positive and exciting to look forward to when the bad news is all around. A wedding countdown can be the light at the end of the tunnel. – HoneyFitz Events

We’re running a series of posts to help. Our IGTV also has answers to your wedding dress-shopping questions!

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