What to write on wedding thank you cards

It’s finally here. The day has come. You spent the day with your family and friends, celebrating all that hard work and planning you put in for months. We know you are already on a high from your newlywed status, but take a moment to enjoy the day. You deserve it. It’s time to send Thank You Cards. We know that thanking loved ones (and their gifts) for their presence can be overwhelming.

It’s really not that difficult. You can now check off this activity from your list and concentrate on the honeymoon.

Stay Organized

Before the wedding, you should start sending out thank-you cards. Once you have sent out the invitations, create an Excel spreadsheet with all of your guests’ addresses. You can then track the addresses of the guests and the gifts they have given you.

Share the workload

Most likely, you’ll receive your wedding gifts on the day of your wedding. It’s a bit more difficult to open them and send thank you notes as you go. It may seem like a mountain of work to do after the big event, but take the time to sit with your spouse as you open gifts and write your notes. This will ease your burden and help you stay organized. You can have your partner read the card, open the gift, and enter it in your spreadsheet while you write the card. You can send out your cards faster if you open the envelopes quickly.

Break It Up

Do not feel obligated to write all your cards and open your gifts in one go. Write as many cards as you can in an hour or so every day. If you start to feel overwhelmed, reward yourself with something. It could be takeout, ice cream, your favorite TV program, or even a glass of wine.

Match Your Theme

Although this tip does not technically revolve around the writing, we still recommend that you match the thank-you cards to your wedding theme. It can be as easy as checking your wedding’s color scheme. It keeps everything cohesive.

Handwrite the Note

It’s only right to thank your guests for taking the time to celebrate with you by writing them a handwritten note. Your guests may feel offended if you send out a digital copy or type it. Please don’t make your message too long. We know that writing messages takes time. You only need to say thank you.

Include All Participants

Include all names of the people who gave you a gift, if it was a family member or couple. Even if you only know one or two people, it is important that everyone feels included.

Be on Time

Life is busy-we get it. You want to send out your cards as soon as possible. You will finish your tasks faster if you start writing them as quickly as possible. You may be working in groups, so do not be afraid to send out your emails in batches. You don’t have to wait to finish them all before sending them out.

Mention specific Cash Amounts.

It was taboo to mention the amount of money that was given as wedding gifts on a thank-you card. This is no longer the case, thanks in part to the digital era we live in. It is common for money to be sent via email or post. So, it’s okay to double-check the amount on your note. You can, however, use your best judgment at this time. You know your guests best, so make the decision that feels right for you based on how well you know them.

Wording to Use for a Registry Gift

You are so kind to send us the wine glasses and charcuterie plate. You know we love wine nights at home! We look forward to having a charcuterie evening with you. We want to thank you for celebrating with us and thinking of us.

Wording to Give a Cash Present

We are so grateful that you joined us to celebrate our wedding! Your generous and thoughtful gift [dollar amount] was greatly appreciated by [Partner’s name] and me. We’re now one step closer to purchasing our first home. We hope to see you soon. We appreciate you celebrating with us.

Wording to Donate Honeymoon Fund

Your generous contribution to our honeymoon is greatly appreciated. While we sail around Hawaii, we’ll be thinking of you! We’re looking forward to seeing you soon. We’re so grateful that you joined us to celebrate our special day!

Wording to Thank Those Who Sent Gifts but Couldn’t Attend

We are so grateful for your blender. You were so thoughtful to think of us. We wish that you had been there with us at our wedding. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.

We look forward to celebrating together in the near future!

Wording to Use When You Do Not Know Someone Well

The bedding is absolutely gorgeous! It will look great in our new room. My mother has always spoken highly of you, and [Partner Name] and I were thrilled to meet in person finally. We are grateful for your kindness and for sharing this exciting time of our lives with us.

Wordings for your Wedding Party

You are a very important part of our wedding party. You are so important to [Partner name] and myself. You were by our side throughout the whole process and even at our wedding.

The more special. We look forward to sharing more meaningful moments with you.

It’s time to choose the perfect card! Here are some of the cards we love from Etsy. They range from elegant minimalistic designs to those that feature a picture of you and your partner.

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