Traveler’s Guide: Top 5 National Parks in and Around Sydney

Are you a stubborn park-goer? Then we have good news for you! Sydney NSW, Australia is a real Mecca for those who can’t imagine their lives without recreation in the greenery of city parks. Here is the list of top 5 Sydney national parks that deserve the best reviews.

Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney – the vast botanic collection for nature addicts

Royal Botanic Gardens is located just in the center of Sydney. It is the main attraction not only for Aussies but for all tourists who come to the “Harbor City”. Being one of the greenest national parks in Sydney, it is home to over 28, 000 diverse plants from every corner of the world. Must-see flora “exhibits” of the park include:

  • awesome collections of stone-like succulents;
  • thrilling insect-eating plants such as Venus Flytrap;
  • fernery with more than 300 species of ferns4
  • scent-laden decorative herbed plants.

Visitors are allowed to take a seat or lie down on the lawn. If you don’t like lazy lying on the grass, you can choose more active ways of rest, for instance:

Set off for a free guided walk

They are available from Monday to Friday at 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Join the Aboriginal heritage tour

With an aboriginal guide you will learn more about traditional Australian plant uses, local culture, and history. And as a special treat, you’ll try some bush foods.

Watch the birds

The Royal Botanic Gardens is home to hundreds of birds. Get acquainted with a curious ibis and other feathered inhabitants like currawongs, kookaburras, swamphens, and cockatoos.

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park – the right choice for hiking

Among the national parks near Sydney frequented by hikers, the first place belongs to Ku-ring-gai. The total area of the park is 15,000 hectares. It is located 25 km away from Sydney and to get there, you’ll need a car. One of the best opportunities to find a proper vehicle is to use the service of Europcar at Sydney Airport. Make an online reservation beforehand to avoid the hustle and bustle at the airport on arrival. A car rental from Europcar is a cheap and safe way to hire a reliable car for any purpose.

Ku-ring-gai has much to offer for tourists including:

  • undisturbed beaches;
  • trails for mountain biking;
  • walking tracks;
  • the scenic beauty of the rainforest;
  • comfortable picnic areas;
  • well-equipped biking trails.

If you are a die-hard hiker, then set off for captivating Aboriginal walks throughout Ku-ring-gai. While walking along the route you’ll see the ancient rock art and engravings left by the Aboriginals.

Or choose the hiking route to Red Hands Cave. The main attraction of the grotto is red palm prints on the walls left by the people who lived in the cave hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Hyde Park – the Cultural, History, and Commemoration Hub

Hyde Park has been open to the public since 1927 and spans an area of 160,000 m2. Visit one of the oldest urban parks in Australia. It is worth the thing. Approximate plan of activities in Hyde Park:

Have a look at monuments and memorials

Hyde Park can rightly boast of its impressive collection of monuments and statues. All of them reflect the city’s history, culture, and the most notable events.

Visit history memorials

The most famous of them is the Anzac Memorial. The acronym “Anzac” stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps that took part in the I World War. At the heart of the memorial, you’ll find a sculpture called ‘Sacrifice’. The main message of the statue is to render the endless grief of the families that lost their relatives at war.

Appreciate the beauty of fountains

Start with the magnificent Archibald Memorial Fountain located at the center of ‘Birubi Circle’. It is 18 meters in diameter and is hexagon in shape. The 6-meter bronze statue of Apollo stands in the middle of the architectural composition. Mythical figures of Diana, Pan, and the Minotaur surround it on both sides.

Hyde Park features an array of other awe-inspiring fountains, such as:

  • FJ Walker Memorial Fountain with sandstone figures, representing Earth, Water, and Fire.
  • Drinking Frazer Fountain. The Gothic-style piece of art was built in the 19th century by John Frazer – a wealthy businessman and philanthropist.
  • John Baptist Fountain. Despite being compact and tiny, the fountain is of great historic significance for the city. The 19th-century work of art is made of sandstone and consists of an ornamented coral surrounded by three carp.

Walk along the valleys of trees

Hyde Park sinks in the greenery of stunning diversity. Only there you can come across over 500 kinds of trees. The collection includes native plants as well as exotic flora representatives from all over the world.

Visit one of the park’s cultural events

Whenever you come to Hyde Park you are sure to witness one of its celebrations or commemoration events. They are carried out there almost all year round. The most significant events are ANZAC Day, Australia Day, the Food and Wine Fair, and the Sydney Festival.

Observatory Hill Park – Incredible Views of Downtown Sydney

Observatory Park offers inspiring panoramic views of the city. It overlooks the iconic Sydney Harbor. The Park was laid out in the 1850’s. But its history dates back even further in the past when an Irish convict built a windmill there to grind flour from grains for making bread.

Centennial Park – the Best Place for “Barbie” & Film Watching

The Park surprises a visitor with a great variety of animals inhabiting the territory. The area is a true oasis jam packed with foxes, rabbits, opossums, wagtails, owls, and many others. Centennial Park is one of the city’s beloved places for barbecue or “barbies” as the locals call it. A lot of picnic spots with free-to-use public grills are scattered around the place. Plus, you can enjoy the summer film festival Moonlight Cinema Series. The idea is to watch open-space movies with tasty food and drinks with your friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

So, grab your mates, push them all in a car, and head to Centennial Park to receive the best impressions from the party held amongst the beauty of nature. To fit them all in one vehicle, rent a car in Sydney. The company offers a wide range of roomy vans for 10 and even more people. Don’t forget to install the car rental app to keep a close watch on the details of your order.

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